Year 5/6 Newsletter


We are very excited to have begun our inter-school winter sports program and look forward to a fantastic season. It is great to see how enthusiastic all students are during games and training.

Miss Petruzio will be coaching the netball team, while Mrs Salt will be supervising the soccer team with assistance from parent volunteers.

The dates and locations are as follows:

Friday 27 May - Yuluma Primary School

Friday 3 June - home game

Friday 10 June - bye (training at school)

Friday 17 June - Newborough Primary School

Friday 24 June - Lightning Carnival (all day event, details to be advised)

We would love to see parent support at our games, so if you are available please come down and cheer on your child. It was fantastic to see so many parents supporting Scarborough Primary School at our last game.

Additional training sessions will be held in school on Tuesday lunchtimes for netball and Friday mornings 8-8.40am for soccer. Please ensure appropriate clothing and footwear are worn on these days and for games.

Interschool shirts

Students will be wearing inter-school shirts for games. We are looking for some wonderful volunteers who would be willing to take home either the soccer shirts or netball shirts after each game, wash them and return to school in time for the next game. Your help would be extremely appreciated. If you are able to help with this, please let either Maddison or Erica know.

CAFE Reading

The CAFE Reading Program is a program that will be implemented during for reading this term. CAFE stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding Vocabulary which are the four major components of effective reading. Within each of these areas are strategies that students can use to help them become effective readers.

Students have selected a focus reading goal from the CAFE Reading Menu which will guide their reading and then meet with me for individual conferencing regarding their goal. During this conferencing, I will be listening to students read and will discuss their reading goal with them. The CAFE Reading Menu is glued into students' homework book to allow you to see your child's reading goal. Please ask them to share their reading goal with you.

Reading Log

Running along side students' CAFE Reading goal, students have received a Reading Log. This will allow students to focus on their reading goal and will also allow myself to track students' reading. I will be checking students' reading log when I conference with students. Students are required to fill in their reading log when they complete reading at home.


Students' homework will consist of Mathletics, spelling word practice and reading each week. Students will receive their spelling words on Monday's and will have their final test on Fridays. Practice each night for just a few minutes during the week is vital for improvement. There is a spellers choice menu in the Library folder on Connect which outlines some spelling activities.

Any other homework will be sent out on Connect and students will be informed about this at school.

Morning fitness

Morning fitness is continuing this term, with the reintroduction of running.

Running on the oval will be completed on Tuesday morning from 8.30-8.50 with students starting as they arrive. We encourage you to be involved in the running with your children in you can. Students' laps will be recorded throughout the term with the intention that students will beat their record next year. It has been great to see not only students running in the morning, but parents as well. I myself was beaten by many of the boys in a running competition last week, well done boys!

From weeks 6 to 10 we will have Wake n' Shake in the undercover area. As with running, we encourage you to be involved in this activity with your children.

Please ensure you child is at school in time for morning fitness. Regular physical activity is of vital importance to children's health and primes them for a day of learning.


It was wonderful to see so many parents at our assembly supporting the students. Thank you for coming to support us. I think we can all agree that they did a wonderful job!

Crunch and Sip

Please ensure all fruit and vegetables are sent to school already cut and peeled, in a small container. Crunch and Sip is consumed during class time while students are completing activities, therefore, fruit and vegetables that require peeling and cutting interrupt valuable learning time. It is for this reason that whole, large pieces of fruit or vegetables and fruit or vegetables that require peeling will not be permitted in class. Thank you for your support with this item.