October in the Library

Bookfair is coming!

See the fair homepage at this link https://www.scholastic.com/bf/harmonyhillselementarysch.

There you can sign up to volunteer or between Oct. 20 and Nov. 2 shop the online fair.

This year they also have a new program called ewallet. Set up a predetermined amount on your credit card (from home) and kids can buy from the fair, without needing your credit card numbers. Watch a how to video on the fair homepage.

Friday Oct 25 (before the PTA movie night) 5:30-6

Oct. 28-Nov 1

Monday-Thursday 8:20-3:45 and Friday 8:20-11:30.

Literary Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again!

The pumpkins should represent a BOOK CHARACTER.

Real or artificial pumpkins/gourds/squash should be no larger than a basketball. Decorate using paint, markers, colored paper, felt, foam, yarn, etc. Experiment as some paints/glues stick better to real pumpkins, others better to fake pumpkins. Please make sure your pumpkins are elementary friendly--nothing gory, even if it is from a book.

Do not carve or cut the real pumpkins, please. We won’t be able to accept anything that might start to rot.

Deliver decorated pumpkins no earlier than 7:15 AM on Friday Oct. 25th and no later than Tuesday, Oct. 29th. There will be tables in the front foyer for display. Ms. O will be running the bookfair so this year you'll just put them out on your grade level table.

Please include the character’s name (and book title and author if not easily recognizable) as well as the student’s name and their teacher … either written on the back of the pumpkin or attached on a tag or with an index card.

Participation is totally voluntary. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

Some of Our Lessons in the Library

In September we held several book tastings, where students were able to come and sample many different books they were unfamiliar with. Lots of them went on to get checked out!

5th grade made video book reviews and posted them to Seesaw. How many of you remember Reading Rainbow? They were in that style. Then they were able to view friends' videos to learn about new books and practice good digital citizenship making positive comments.

Other classes have practiced sequencing and retelling using the Seesaw app.

Another interesting activity was a Goosechase scavenger hunt looking for specific non-fiction text features. Goosechase is a fun app that makes creating and running scavenger hunts super easy!

Circulation Stats

In September we checked 3822 books. Thank goodness some volunteers came to help put the books away.

197 kids signed in to visit the library on their own (with a pass from their teacher).

90+ classes visited for checkout.

50+ classes visited for some other sort of activity and Ms. Oliverson REALLY WANTS MORE TO COME! There are so many cool literature and tech related lessons or read alouds we could do! The school library of 2019/2020 is not a quiet check in/out place. It's all about learning!