The "I Am" Teachings of Jesus

The "I Am" Teachings of Jesus (Yeshua) in John and Thomas:

An Invitation to Simple Presence, not an Exclusive Path

Saturday, December 3, 10am-2pm

Dances of Universal Peace from 3:30 to 5:30 with Potluck to Follow

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson,

230 Pendleton Road Clemson, SC

Seminar Leader: The Rev. Dr. Elizabeth (Munira) Reed

The "I Am" statements of Yeshua (Jesus in Aramaic, his native language) have been problematic for those whose spirituality is ecumenical, and interspiritual. These passages have traditionally been used by Christians to preach a message of exclusivity that says: "Only Jesus" is the way, truth and life. "Only Jesus" is the door, the doorway to enter to God's realm, to "heaven."

However, we know Yeshua lived a life example, and preached a message of inclusivity and universality. He did not preach exclusivity nor did he point to himself as any unique or superior teacher. His message was simple: the "I Am" statements point to Simple (Inner) Presence as a way for one's spirituality to be one of depth, meaning and divine connection. In pointing to Simple Presence, he also points to the Divine Feminine, Hokhmah, who was present "from the first Beginning."

In this workshop, we will explore some of Yeshua's last teachings to his Disciples as known through the I Am teachings. This is also through the lens of the Aramaic language that Yeshua spoke. And it is through the lens of the spirituality and writings of the early spiritual communities of John and Thomas.

We will focus on spiritual practices in the lineage of these early communities, including chant, silence, and body prayer.

A light lunch will be provided. Workshop $25 with scholarships available.For more information contact, Rev. Terre Balof (

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For more information contact, Rev. Terre Balof(