Building Relationships

Community Leaders As School Partners

Building Relationships through Community and Businesses

Many of today's leaders understand the importance of creating positive school, community, and business relationships. In today's world it is evident that schools and communities should work closely together in order to prepare our youth for productive adulthood. Schools can provide more support for students, families, and staff when they are an integral part of the community. Businesses can also be useful partners ins school support by making more services available to students and families by linking schools with establishments that can offer services to the young people. Effective, positive relationships are key factors to community development, and learning and family self sufficiency.

Partnerships should be considered connections between school and community resources. This partnership include volunteer time, mentoring and training programs, public relations, grant applications, fund raising opportunities, recreation, and building a sense of community around the school. This partnership can be used to create connections between families while strengthening neighborhoods. The following is list of community resources that could partner or are currently partnering with schools:

  • County Agencies (Department of Health, Family Services,, Office of Education, Police and Fire departments, Recreational parks, Library, Housing Authority, and Area Councils)
  • United Way, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels, The Food Pantry, and Volunteer Agencies
  • Youth Agencies (Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, 4H, Child Advocacy Center, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America)
  • Service Clubs and Philanthropic Organizations (Shriners, Lion's Club, Woodland Men of America)
  • Sports and Fitness Clubs
  • Community based Organizations
  • Faith Community Institutions (Lutheran Family Services, Catholic services, congregations and subgroups)
  • Ethnic Associations
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Media (Prattville Progress, Clanton Times, Montgomery News)
  • Family members, Senior Citizens Group

Below is a list of partner contacts within our community that are available to help within the school.

  • Williams Transcontinental Pipeline Company: Chip Lockhart and David Jones

    Both Chip and David are longtime residents of Billingsley. They partner with the school to help with all outdoor classroom and Ag activities. This includes but is not limited to laying pipes for the drainage system in the outdoor classroom, welding projects, and teaching students about the goal of engineering.

  • Alabama Sand and Gravel: Ralph Mims

    Mr. Mims is the owner of the sand and gravel pit in Billingsley. He has lived in Billingsley for over 50 years and is a big contributor to the school in both with materials and monetary donations.

Green Thumb Club

The Green Thumb Club, which is open to students in grades 3 through 12, is great for students who love the Earth and want to make a difference by helping to promote environmental awareness through assisting in a number of projects and events throughout the year. Learning to care for the environment is an essential part of all students' school experiences. GTC provides extracurricular activities that make these experiences possible. Join us every Wednesday afternoon for an outdoor activity, starting with a friendship fence. Each lattice will represent a member of the green thumb club.

Coordinator: Tammy Tindol

Parent Involvment Meeting:

Join us Monday, February 22 at 6:00 pm in the multipurpose room for a meeting on student achievement. How can we work together to fill the gap for our students? We will have a guest speaker, Van Smith, County Commissioner for the Billingsley Area. He will offer some suggestions on ways to improve student performance through guided instruction connected through parents and teachers. We will look at ideas on how to improve instruction, look at assessments, and implement ideas on a new grading policy for the school. We hope to see you there!

Community Contacts:

Working Together To Make A Better Tomorrow

Churches Within Our Community

Pastor Tim Scarborough: Mr. Scarborough is the pastor of Indian Grave Baptist Church located within the community. He is a mentor for the students, and conducts First Priority Meetings every Wednesday. His church provides meals for teacher in-service, and meals for athletic competitions. He also volunteers to speak at the school, and is a substitute bus driver. His church offers multiple scholarship programs for students needing extra financial support.

Pastor Justin Thomas: Mr. Thomas is the pastor of Bethsalem Baptist Church in Billingsley. Cleve Mallory is the music/student minister for the church and the liaison for the partnership between the church and school. Mr. Mallory spends time mentoring the students and provides afterschool clubs for students to participate in. The church sponsors meals for athletic teams during the year, along with school wide concerts.

Rob Coburn: Pastor of Billingsley Church of God serves as the school chaplain on Friday nights during the football season. He also speaks with the students during First Priority, and volunteers in the after school program.

Jane Thomas: Liaison for Billingsley Baptist Church. Mrs. Thomas is a staff member at Billingsley School and represents Billingsley Baptist through mentoring programs. The church offers meals for athletes during the season, and helps the school with monetary donations.

Community Businesses

  • Jeremy and Gerald Carter: Owners of Carter Fireworks. They have both been long time residents of Billingsley. Gerald Carter served a teacher, counselor, and assistant principal for Billingsley, and now has grand children who attend the school. They volunteer their time to work within the school, and give monetary donations.

  • Don Meeks, Junior: Mr. Meeks is a business owner (Country Mart Gas Station) within the community, and an Autauga County Sheriff Deputy. He supports the athletics program by fundraising and donations.

  • Tenasca: Our largest partnering business, a natural gas company. Tenasca offers volunteer hours by its employees to help in the subjects of reading and math. They also partner with the school in the form of fundraising and monetary donations through scholarships.

On-Line Resources Relevant to School-Community Partnerships:

Activities to Improve and Build School-Community Partnerships:

  • Encourage community use of school facilities (many times the school building is empty after hours. Encourage non-profit community groups to use the facilities. This promotes a good use of resources but also provides the school an opportunity to et involved in community projects.)
  • Senior Citizens Banquet
  • Math, Reading, and Science Night
  • Celebrity Readers (Invite an neighboring business owner to come and read to the students, or a resident within the community.)
  • Honor Roll
  • Gold Cards ( Give students who earn a place on the Honor Roll a card which is sponsored by a participating community business, providing discounts for students making the grade).

Billingsley Community Functions:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Sewing Ladies (Local Church ladies come to the school and sew clothes for those in need)
  • Pray corner
  • Beauty Walk
  • Little League Banquets
  • Tutoring
  • Art Classes, Piano Lessons, and Gymnastics Classes