Come to the Horror Convention

on march 15-19 in the 8 circle of hell

The 63rd horror convention

Saturday, March 15th, 9am

Hell Canyon Rd

Estes Park, CO

Whats happing at the convention

This year's convention is going to be like no other convention before, it is actually in hell. Being present will allow you to spend 5 days on the 8th circle of hell where you will be in the center of all of the torment and freighting horror that these sinners have to face for eternity!

On day one you will go to the first two layers of circle 8 to visit the panders, seducers, and flatterers.

Here you get to watch and experience the sinners be tortured. You will go through the following;

You will be driven like cattle and wiped by the demons and if they hit you with the whips you will burst instantly in to flames to be put back together from your ash and start all over. and on the second layer you will sink into the river of excrement ( waste) of all of hells sewer.

On day 2 you will go to the 3rd and 4th layer- simoniacs and fourteen tellers.

The torment you will feel here is you will be put in a hole upside down with your feet on fire and latter that day your head will spin backwards and you can only walk forwards.

On day 3 you will go the 5th and 6th layer - the grafters and the hypocrites.

there you will feel the torment of having to stay completely submerged in boiling hot sludge and if u stick your head out u get stabbed by pitch forks and latter you have to wear a heavy cloke and walk around in a circle never to show your face for the rest of the day.

On day 4 you will go to the 7th and 8th layer - the deceivers and the thieves

You will have the luxury to be covered in a raging fire and be constricted by snakes and bitten.

On day 5 you will go to the 9th and 10th layer- the sowers of discoed and the falsifiers.

here you will get cut to pieces and drag around your pieces till you heal back up to get cut up again and run and viscously attack others to the ground.

We hope you join us for it will be unforgetable.

Dante's Inferno Circle 8