October 13, 2017

We have had a busy week at McKinley! Some reminders:

Language Arts 1/2: We are finishing the novel Bud, Not Buddy this week. We have continued to work on citing evidence as it is a priority standard. This week we introduced the Core 4 topic sentences. We are finishing the unit with an essay on the topic, “Rules to Live By”. Also, a reminder that your student has assignments on Canvas to complete for Language Arts One and Language Arts Two. Several students have incomplete assignments. We encourage them to redo assignments that are not proficient (3 out of 4).

Social Studies: We continue exploring the Paleolithic era (Hunter-Gatherers) followed by the Neolithic era (Farmers). This week we have been comparing and contrasting the two time periods. We have been analyzing the reasons early humans might have begun to farm and the developments that resulted from this decision.

**If you have any grocery- type ads (food) that we could use for a project, could you send them with your student? Thanks!

Personalized Learning: We continue to look at the various aspects of growth mindset and its traits. Today our Junior Achievement speakers will be from the career path "Hospitality and Tourism" and will share their career experiences with us. We are fortunate to have community members willing to give of their time!

Math: Our sixth grade math classes continue to work with Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples. While they are not complicated to find, they are easy to mix up. We are also working on solving word problems that use GCF and LCM. Again, choosing which to use can be tricky until you know the hints.

Science classes are finishing up their work with chemical properties and their interactions. We worked on a lab to prove whether substances were pure substances. The students had an interesting time with the iron filings and a magnet.

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