Beta Gamma's Newsletter

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Summer Bonding

Before the semester even started, the sister's got together for a summer unity event planned by the current Unity Chair, Christina Legotti. One sister gave this quote about summer retreat, "Summer retreat is one of my favorite events that the chapter does. It is so refreshing and nice to be able to see sisters that you do not normally see on a regular basis, as well as the benefit of spending time with them while you aren't worried about studying for a test or running to a meeting! Summer retreat is a relaxing way to just hangout and reconnect with your sisters." There were about 25 sisters at this year's summer retreat. They swam, lounged, paddle boarded, kayaked, played games such as volleyball, corn hole, and kanjam. They also did a water balloon toss and had a barbeque on the beach. Overall, it was a great event and the sisters that were able to attend can't wait to do it again this coming summer!
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America's Sweethearts

As the new semester begins, our hearts were filled with American pride and joy as the current Recruitment Chair, Kristen Daunt, put together another wonderful recruitment theme. We showed off our love for our country as well as our love for each other with activities including writing letters to soldiers, and taking many silly pictures inside of a giant American flag. Recruitment season was filled with laughter, fun and some tears - but once all was said and done, we received seven beautiful new members that we could not be more elated to share with the world. These seven women exemplify everything Theta Phi Alpha stands for and more.

Welcome Beta Gamma's!

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From Left to Right: Selena Hart, Danielle Curiale, Samantha Brenner, Michelle Foster, Eliza Meeker, and Denise Rivera. Not Pictured: Julia Santillo.

Getting Involved

This semester Theta Phi Alpha, along with the current Philanthropy Chair, Lex Banner, has been very involved in the community. One philanthropy in particular that the chapter enjoyed was the Ovarian Cancer Walk located in West Orange. Sisters helped hand out water, offer moral support, and sang to members running! Along with this, the sisters are going to participate in the Breast Cancer Walk on October 19th. We will be walking with other sororities on campus and showing great Greek pride! If you are interested in signing up along with sisters, the link is posted below - any and all support is greatly appreciated! As well as philanthropies, we have done many fundraisers this semester including our all time favorite, The Bagel Sale!
Breast Cancer Sign Up

If interested, you can create your own group, or sign up under Michelle's Crusaders, specifically under Liana Diamico.

Studying Abroad!

There are currently 13 sisters studying abroad in Wroxton, England, as well as one sister studying in Italy this semester! Theta Phi Alpha is leaving their mark all over the world. Sister Jess Cruz is spending the semester in Italy. While she is there she will be spending some time with a sister from the Beta Beta class who lives in Italy, Alessandra Biancaneve. We are very excited for all of the memories they are making, but miss them greatly in America!

Sister Spotlight