Professional Development in SRC

Volume I Issue III March, 2016

@ the PDC

A Library of PD eBooks are available for you @ the PDC, we are happy to offer over one hundred professional development book titles. Titles are targeted towards all aspects of teaching, learning and educational leadership. The use of eBooks is a convenient way that educators stay current on new teaching techniques and learn about the research around academic improvement. Most of the titles in our PD eBook collection allow for unlimited downloads and can be viewed in PDF format or within a web browser. Each eBook in the collection also allows the user to download it as an mp3 file or they can be listened to in the user's favorite web browser. The Professional Development Center has provided an easy to use guide for accessing the PD eBook collection. Also, each school has purchased eBook collections for their students and as an educator you have access to the eBooks in your school's collection. @ the PDC, we are developing training that will help you take advantage of the PD eBook collection. If you're an early adopter or just want to see what's available in the collection, you can use the link to the guide below to find out how you can access the PD eBook collection @ the PDC. The guide will also direct you on how to use your school's eBook collection. In each Newsletter you will find a featured PD eBook of the month.

Guide to Access eBook Collections in The Santa Rosa County School District

Keeping Up With the Surveys

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It's that time of year again. Your PDP completion will begin on May 1st and all of your points will need to show on your transcript for your administrator to view. Points are not awarded until the survey is complete.

As you take district courses over the next few months, you will need to complete these surveys in a timely manner so the points will show on your transcript. You also need to catch up on any old surveys that are showing.

You can quickly spot any surveys you need to take by going to your MyPD homepage and looking in the My Required Surveys window.

Virtual Field Trips at Discovery Education

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Easy to Find

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  • Virtual Field Trips
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Featured PD Collection E-book

Technology Integration: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century

Professional Development eBook Collection

We are excited to inform you of an exciting new resource for professional development: an eBook collection containing titles from publishers such as ASCD. The eBooks span a wide range of popular titles that address the ongoing PD needs of today’s educators. The collection is available at school and from home from any computer browser, iPad, tablet or smartphone. See access instructions below.

*Technology Integration: Teaching & Learning in the 21st Century explores tools and strategies for empowering students to fully participate in a connected, technology-rich society.

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Access the PD Collection

1. From the district home page, click Instructional Resources on the left side.

2. Next, click on PD Collection (Destiny PDC) in the right column. (Alternately, you can also click on PD Collection in ClassLink.)

3. You will see a Google-like search page (called Universal Search), where you can find Professional Development eBooks and print materials that are available for checkout.

4. From the top right toolbar in Universal Search, select Login. Type your district user name and password, and then click Login. If you do not login at this point, you may be prompted to login later. If you have trouble logging in or have questions, please e-mail Natasha Godwin for assistance.

Technology Tidbits

Adding a Youtube Video to PowerPoint

  1. “Like” the YouTube video
  2. Click Embed (just above all the social icons to the right of the word Share)
  3. Copy the Embed Code that will appear
  4. Return to PowerPoint
  5. Pick Insert tab
  6. Video button
  7. Online Video…
  8. Paste the embed code where it says “From a Video Embed Code" (item four)
  9. Click the tiny insert arrow to the right of where you pasted in the Embed Code
    Note: You must be in presentation mode to actually see your video working!

Sorting by Color in Excel

You probably know that it is sometimes useful to color code your spreadsheet, e.g., red for overdue, yellow for in progress, and green for complete. But did you know you can easily group your categories by sorting?

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Simply select your data, select Custom Sort from the Sort & Filter button (on the right side of the Home ribbon) and use Sort on Cell Color (Font Color is also an option).

Professional Development Center

The Professional Development Center (PDC) is located at 6556 Firehouse Road in Milton, FL just a little past King Middle School. Our office provides support for technology, professional development and library media services throughout the district.