Weekly Warrior Update

Student Focused-World Class

Word for the Warrior...

Dear Warrior Families,

We had a WONDERFUL first week of school! We thoroughly enjoyed welcoming back our returning students and we loved meeting all of our new students! This is definitely going to be a great year! Students were full of smiles and stories and it is wonderful to have our halls full and lively once again!

We have been busy at Sevier! Our first week of school was spent helping students become oriented and reoriented to school procedures and routines. Students spent time getting to know teachers and other students. Teachers also shared class expectations and introduced students to course content for the year!

After school extra-curricular activities also had a full week! Sevier on Stage held auditions for our school play, Annie Junior. Our Sequoyah Scribe Newspaper got straight to work with staff and editorial meetings this week. Our Warrior football team won a scrimmage against RNR! Go Warriors! Our cross-country and volleyball teams also assembled their teams and began practice!

This week, our before and after school academic supports will begin. Each Tuesday-Friday mornings, Math tutoring will be available in the Wellness classroom (beside the big gym). In addition, our Homework Help will be available every afternoon in the library.

Thank you to all of you for engaging with Sevier staff and for partnering with us as we work to support students this year for a year full of growth and learning!

Proud to be a Warrior,

Holly Flora

Principal, JSMS

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Week of the Warrior

MONDAY: August 14th

- Cross Country practice 3-4:30

- Cheerleading practice 3-5

- Football practice 3-5

-Volleyball practice 3-5

-Volleyball Parent Meeting-5:00

TUESDAY: August 15th

- Cross Country practice 3-4:30

- Football practice 3-5

-Volleyball practice 3-5

WEDNESDAY: August 16th

-Sequoyah Scribe Newspaper Meeting 2:45-3:30
- Cross Country practice 3-4:30

- Cheerleading practice 3-5

- Football practice 3-5

- Dance Practice 3-5

-Volleyball practice 3-5

THURSDAY: August 17th

- Sequoyah Scribe Newscast-Editors and newscast staff will meet from 2:45-5:15

-Cross Country practice 3-4:30

- Football practice 3-5

-Volleyball practice 3-5

FRIDAY: August 18th

- Cross Country practice 3-4:30

- Football practice 3-5

-Volleyball practice 3-5

Save the Date:

- Solar Eclipse – August 21st (releasing 15 minutes late 3:00 pm)

- Picture Day – August 23rd

-Open House-August 28 5:00-6:30-More information to come!

- Last day to turn in Flu shot forms – August 31st


Morning Math Tutoring and Afternoon Homework Help

Morning Math Tutoring: Tues.-Fri. 7:00-7:30; Wellness Room

Afternoon Homework Help: Mon.-Fri. 2:45-3:45; Library

Starting this week, there will be morning and afternoon homework available.

Mr. Golden will be providing morning Math tutoring in the Wellness room from 7:00-7:30 am Tuesday through Friday each week. Mr. Golden is also willing to assist/tutor with other subjects in the mornings.

There will also be Homework Help available in the Library every afternoon after school from 2:45-3:45. If your child needs help with homework or if he/she could simply use a place to complete homework prior to going home, please know that Homework Help is always available in the library. A "late bus" will be available for students who need transportation beginning next week. A "late bus" will NOT be available this week.

Solar Eclipse-August 21st

On Monday, August 21, 2017 the moon will pass between the earth and the sun for the first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse since 1918. Millions of Americans in 12 states will be able to watch this solar spectacle that will turn day into night for a couple of minutes. Tennessee is among the 12 states that have been declared to be a best place to experience this rare phenomenon. In Kingsport, the peak of the eclipse affect will take place at 2:36 p.m.

Kingsport City Schools will be in session on August 21st and plans are underway for our students to participate in this exciting and historic event. With the support of the KCS Curriculum and Instruction team, schools have been provided resources that support activities aligned to our STREAM (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Math) vision and maximize the opportunity for learning. Students viewing the eclipse will utilize approved glasses provided by KCS. Partnering with Eastman, the district has purchased viewing glasses for students made by Lunt Solar Systems, a manufacturer verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standards and found on the approved Solar Filter Brands list of the American Astronomical Society. Additionally, students will receive instructions on methods of safe viewing of an eclipse complete with warnings regarding attempts to watch this event without protecting one’s eyes.

Kingsport City Schools will exercise care and careful supervision for all students who participate in this event. However, to be sure that parents are well-informed regarding the activities, parents/guardians of students in grades K-8 are asked to sign and return a Release for Participation in Solar Eclipse Viewing. The release contains two provisions: (1) a general release for student participation; and (2) a release of liability covering the City of Kingsport and its school system. Parents/guardians of students in grades 9-12 should return a Solar Eclipse Viewing Opt-Out form should they elect to opt their child out of viewing the eclipse.

This form and other eclipse information will be sent home with your student on Monday, August 14. Additional details regarding the KCS plan for the eclipse can also be found on our website (click here to view the KCS Solar Eclipse Information web page). Please review this information related to dismissal plans, eyewear, and safety. Please note that to support instruction and increased student safety, secondary students will dismiss 15 minutes later than usual on the day of the eclipse.

· Dismissal

o All secondary schools will dismiss 15 minutes later than normal. Both D-B blocks and singletons will release at 3:00. Elementary schools will dismiss at their regular time.

· Transportation

o Bus transportation will operate using the delayed dismissal. This will cause buses to leave DBE and CCA at 2:45 in order to arrive at D-B for a 3:00 load.

o Secondary SPED buses will start at 1:30 instead of the usual 2:00. All Palmer and elementary SPED buses will begin pick up at 3:00.

o Elementary schools should prepare for buses to be approximately 15 minutes later than normal in arriving for their afternoon runs. However, it’s anticipated that the volume of afternoon riders may be slightly decreased due to early sign-outs, which could minimize the impact on arrival at elementary schools.

· After-School Activities

o Activities will proceed as normal, knowing that the 15-minute delay in secondary dismissal may slightly alter start times in some situations.

A note about backpacks...

Your children should not be carrying multiple books home in their backpacks each night. If your child carries a textbook home, it will most likely be a Math textbook. No other subject relies on a textbook for instruction. Language Arts and Social Studies do not issue textbooks to students. They are used in class. Science books are issued to students, but it is rare that students will be expected to take these books home. Most student work will be housed online through Canvas or Google. Please help us encourage your children not to take textbooks home unless they are told to do so by a teacher. Doing so causes the weight of a student’s backpack to be heavy. Every student at Sevier has been issued a locker and they are encouraged to keep textbooks and school supplies in their locker. Students are ONLY encouraged to take home what is needed for homework.



We are excited to announce that you have the option of updating your student's information (phone numbers, emergency contacts, etc) online this school year. Completing this information online is the quickest way to make sure we have the most current information for your child. To start this process login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account and click on the InfoSnap Student Registration link on the left menu. Once you have all data verified and updated, please be sure to click Submit. Then, you will need to click Save and Log out located in the upper right hand corner on the screen. Paper forms will be sent home for all students that have not completed this process online by August 15th.

Please email LeAnn Franklin if you do not remember your parent portal username and password. lfranklin@k12k.com


Download the Parent App (it is a blue Canvas icon)

1. Click create account (create a personal account with your email)

2. Add a student

3. Search for Kingsport City Schools in the dropdown menu

4. Enter your child’s login information (UN: first 4 letters of first name, middle initial, last name PW: first 3 digits of last name + Powerschool Number)

5. You can set notifications and add additional children by tapping the gear icon in the top right

· TIPS: Logins are CASE SENSITIVE. Please use all lowercase letters or this will not work. Also, when you are entering your child's login information use ONLY the first 4 letters of first name, middle initial, last name--do not add the @k12k.com. The Powerschool Number is your child's Powerschool Number. If you do not know your child's Powerschool Number, please ask your child. He/She should know this number. If your child cannot remember their number OR if your child is a new student to KCS, please email LeAnn Franklin and she can email you your child's number. lfranklin@k12k.com

JSMS Clothes Closet

Did you know that Sevier has a clothes closet? This closet is available for students who need clothes for any reason. If you have clothes, coats, shoes, belts, etc that you are planning to give away, please know that you can always donate them to the JSMS Clothes Closet. For more information, please email our Family Liaison, Debbie Moore at dmoore@k12k.com

School Lunch

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Library Volunteers

Would you like to volunteer in the JSMS Library? If so, please email our Librarian, Michelle Loudermilk at mloudermilk@k12k.com or call our main office and ask to speak with her at 378-2450. We always need volunteers to help shelve and check out books! Thank you!

We're Social! Follow Us!

Follow JSMS @KCS_Sevier and your teachers on Twitter to get updates about what's going on at Sevier and in classrooms!


Car Riders and Bus Riders

Car Riders:

  • Students may be dropped of at Sevier in the mornings beginning at 7:00 am. Students arriving after 7:45 am will be counted tardy.

  • Please follow the traffic pattern and drop off your child on Wateree St. in front of the building. Please do not drop your child off in our parking lot. Doing so, is very dangerous. Please follow the car line and drop your child off on Wateree St. at the front entrance of the school.

  • Dismissal is at 2:45 pm. Please make sure that your child knows where your car will be picking them up (whether in the car line or parked around campus).
  • All car riders who have not been picked up by 3:00 will be asked to wait inside the building in the front foyer of the school. This is for their safety. Please do not ask your child to wait after 3:00 in a location other than the front of JSMS. Administrators will ensure that all students are inside in the front foyer at 3:00 or after. Again, this is for their safety.

Bus Riders:

For all bus information, please contact transportation at 392-4416. Transportation will be able to give you important information regarding your students’ bus number, pick up time, drop off time, etc.

Please make sure that your child knows their bus number. The buses leave JSMS in the afternoon at approximately 2:58. Therefore, it is critical that students know which bus to board so that they do not miss the bus.

WARRIOR WHOOP! (celebrations and recognitions)


Thank you to the JSMS PTA for the work you have already done to support our school AND for the work you will do this year!

Wendi Davis - President

Kim Wolfe - VP

Ashley Kimbler - Secretary

Merrie Robin McReynolds - Treasurer

Nancy Gamble - Hospitality

Laura Metcalf - Hospitality

Kelly West - Fundraising

Danni Campbell - Fundraising

Ashlee Brice - Special Events

Kim Hall - Decals

Lucy Stewart - Volunteers/Concessions

Tory Coggins - Concession stock

Congratulations to the following girls who made the Lady Warrior Volleyball Team!

Varsity: Ryleigh Churchwell, Kelsea Condry, Tori Gibson, Shayla Lane, Lyric McVicker, Madison Park, Inari Phillips, Ellie Snodgrass, Karly Wilson

Junior Varsity:Laynie Hall, Tori Mears, Emma Anthony, Aleah Bateman, Zari Brice, Mikalah Britt, Chloe Parks, Ryley Ramey, Layla Russell, Julianne Tipton, Florence Wissert, Amaya Wolfe