Want To Be President One Day?

Presidency requirements:

To run for president you must be at least 35 but to really have a chance to make it you might want to wait even longer until you have spent years with a political background and success with political knowledge and debate. A person running for president must also be a natural born citizen and also have to have been living in the United States for at least 14 years before they decided they wanted to run for President.

Climb the ladder to being President:

To reach your goal of being President there are four steps that come with it.
The first step is Primaries and Caucuses: A primary is for voters to elect who they want to be in office, whether it be presidential or a political party. There are two main primaries, Closed Primary, where voters may only vote for whoever is in the party that they declared support for. However with Open Primary voters that are from different political parties are allowed to vote. If you made a good enough impression either way you and your party will hopefully get the votes you need to make it anywhere. Make sure you win people over and tell them what you think they want to hear.

A caucus is just another way for candidate nominations. They are a whole series of meetings to discuss candidates and voting of a state representative for their candidate.

The second step is National Convention: A National Convention can be an event where political parties with the attendance of delegates selected by states to pick their candidates. There are two major conventions within the United Sates, the Democratic and the Republican. This is basically just a televised meeting for both parties. If you want a chance you better make sure you have done a really good job to get yourself picked.

Give strong reasons on why you should be voted for.

Now we're reaching the third step, General Election: This election consists of most likely every member of a political party being selected for it. Our primary legislative holds this election. It's really just what we considered a regular election. There isn't much to this. Just hope you are selected.

We reach the final step, Electoral College: An Electoral College isn't what you're probably thing. It isn't a place, it's a voting system. Each state has a certain amount of electoral votes towards a candidate. Even if you win this it doesn't guarantee you'll become president, but winning this can definitely help you out in the long run.