Pulse of the Pirates

April 2021 Newsletter for Plainview JH/SH

Important Dates

April 2nd - April 5th - No School, Easter Break

April 7th - 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development

April 8th - Pre Music Contest 9-12

April 14th - National Guard rep will be at school

April 15th - Junior High Concert

April 21st - 1:00 Dismissal - Professional Development

April 22nd - FCCLA Awards Night

Banquet/Awards Nights

May 4th - Academic Honors Night

May 9th - Scholarship Night

May 17th - Athletic Banquet

Testing Season

NSCAS testing will conclude at the beginning of the month. The remainder of the month we will do MAP testing to see where all of our students performance levels are at. Testing time can be stressful for some students and cause them to get run down if they are not taking care of themselves. Some helpful hints for positive testing is to make sure that students are getting enough sleep, students may need more help with homework, ensuring good attendance so students do not fall behind, and positive reinforcement. All of our students are going to do great!

Community Service

Please help to remind your students 9-12 that they will have to complete 10 hours of community service before the end of the year and turn their slips in to Mrs. Haase.


Students will be meeting with Mr. Peter this month to set their schedule for the 2021-2022 school year. Please start having conversations with your students about this and what their plans are for next year!

Finish Strong

We are approaching the end of the school year. Continue to push your students to give their best and to finish strong in everything that they do. Let's have a great last two Months!