Construction update

The excitement is building at Irondale

Improvement plans ready to view

Thanks to support from voters, all schools in the District are adding much-needed space to better serve students.

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What’s happening at Irondale High School? When? Where?

Check out the new website at to view:

· Project overview

· Timeline

· Concept drawings

· Floor plans


Other schools' improvements

Curious what’s in store for other schools around the District?

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Visit to see other schools’ improvement plans.


Thank you, design team

Irondale thanks all the members of the design committee who met from spring through winter 2018 to create the school’s new space additions. Special thanks to our design partners Wold Architects and Engineers and to our construction partners Kraus-Anderson.

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School Design

  • Mark Ahlers – Career & Tech. Ed. Teacher
  • Kevin Bourassa - Parent
  • Chelsey Branham – Special Ed. Teacher
  • Andrea Butler - Math Teacher
  • Heidi Danielson – Parent
  • Jason Etten - Music Teacher
  • Chris Fink - Activities Director
  • Jeanne Frischman - Parent
  • Amy Janecek - Principal
  • Shannon McLean - Social Studies teacher
  • Andrew Mons - Associate Principal
  • Heather Murphy-Lethert - Clerical
  • Heidi Shah - Health/PE Teacher
  • Bill St. Martin - English Teacher
  • Gary Swanson - Paraprofessional

Auditorium Design

  • Josh Barnd - Community
  • Karl Brown - Community Education
  • Bruce Cameron - Community
  • Jason Etten - Teacher
  • Chris Fink - Activities Director
  • John Krejchik - Student
  • Janet Paone - Drama dept
  • Bill Sucha - Teacher
  • Ann Whiting - Parent
  • John Woskoff - Drama dept


Stay informed

As construction is scheduled to begin soon, watch your e-mail. From ground-breaking this spring to ribbon-cutting in fall 2020, this construction update e-newsletter will share ongoing news and progress reports related to the Irondale project.


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