Classical Conversations

of Cottonwood

Weekly Line-up

Cycle 1 Week 13

Welcome to our Spring Semester! Our Review Party last week was so much fun and a great way to get back into the swing of meeting each week. Thank you all for your work to make it a success!!

Make sure you have the new schedules for this semester which were sent in my Happy New Year email on January 1st.

CC Symphony Field Trip - Feb. 18th

Maggie will be bringing the music booklet and CD for the symphony field trip this Thursday for each family that signed up to go. If you haven't confirmed with her please do ASAP at The selection of music is now being shared on YouTube here:

Don't forget the Spring Facility Fee is DUE this THURSDAY.

It's not too late to strive for Memory Master. Please let me know if you or your student are interested!

Word of Encouragement - Jeremiah 29:13

You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart


Family Presentation: Spring Semester Intro

Foundations Clean-up: Kunze Family

Playground Monitor: Mrs. Russel

Art & Science: We will be studying Great Artists: Giotto and Earth Science: Seasons/Ice Wedging (Consider this Scripture tie in: Eccl 3:1-8 and Job 37:10)

Presentation Suggestion: Skill: Know your audience. Suggested Topic: Presentation: Your choice or My Favorite Things (for more info see the schedule in your family planner)

What is Essentials really like?

Do you have a student who is old enough for Essentials next year? Wonder who Leigh Bortins is (or what she looks like)? Watch Leigh as she teaches Week 1 of Essentials for a better understanding of this program.


Essentials Clean-up: Jones Family

EEL: Structure: Complex; Purpose: Declarative & Exclamatory; Pattern: S-Vt-IO-DO; Part of Speech: Adjective/Adverb Clauses, Noun & Pronoun Review; Grammar Chart: M

Math: Speed Drills & Board Slam

IEW: AHBW Lesson 21, Stylistic Technique: Fused Outlines

Challenge B Discussions:

Spring Semester Week 2

Grammar Strand: Latin Vocabulary - Lesson 15

Exposition & Composition Strand: Short Stories

Research Strand: Origins

Rhetoric Strand: Formal Logic: Lessons 1-5

Debate Strand: Mock Trial

Logic Strand: Pre-Algebra discussion and working problems as a group

About us...

Classical Conversations of Cottonwood's mission is to know God and make Him known. We use a classical approach to learning and a Christ centered world view to equip parents and encourage students in their own homeschool journey.