November 2019

Elginburg & District Public School

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In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

Our motto this year has been a hit with staff and students! Kindness is being seen and reported all over the school yard and in classrooms.

We are extending our efforts this year by adding more student voice!

Starting on Monday, Mrs. Duncan will be visiting each classroom for a "Town Hall" style meeting. Each class will voice their concerns and share their happy stories about the school. Following the 11 meetings, Mrs. Duncan will take the results back to the staff. The staff will look at the things the children are concerned about and will make plans to fix them.

These meetings will continue every month but will be led by the teacher following the November meetings. Each month the class will meet, discuss and choose 2 students to attend a School Town Hall with Mrs. Duncan. They will share their thoughts and make plans to improve things at Elginburg or celebrate our improvements!

All results will be shared at assemblies so students can see improvements and celebrate our AWESOMENESS!

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Fresh From the Farm Delivery Date!

Thank you for ordering from Fresh From the Farm.

Our produce will be delivered on Tuesday, November 26. You can pick up your order between 1:00 - 5:30.

We hope you enjoy the fruits and veggies! Please tell us how they are so we know whether to run this Fundraiser again next year.

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Kingston Frontenacs Game

We look forward to seeing everyone who bought tickets to the Kingston Frontenacs Game on Friday! It will be a fun evening for all of us! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. McKercher for donating the tickets. We raised $1000 that has been used to buy 3 new Chromebooks for the school!

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Volleyball Tournament Dates

A HUGE thank you to Mrs. Gillott, Mr. Bush and Mrs. Furst for coaching 5 teams to make sure everyone has a chance to play! Elginburg is awesome! We also thank our Queens Teacher Candidate, Ms. Colbran for coaching. She is so dedicated that she will continue to coach when her placement is over!

Senior Girls
- Friday, December 13th at Duncan McArthur (Mrs. Gillott)

Senior Boys - Monday, December 9th at Duncan McArthur (Mr. Bush)

Junior Girls - Friday, November, 22nd at Duncan McArthur (Mrs. Gillott)

Junior Co-Ed - Monday, November 25 at Duncan McArthur (Mrs. Gillott)

Junior Boys - Monday, November 25 at Duncan McArthur (Mrs. Furst)

Lunch Box Order Form

It is never too late to make an order!

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Grade 1 and 1/2 Students receive Free books!

The Canadian Children's Book Centre is delighted to give every grade one student in our school a beautiful Canadian children's book, thanks to the generous sponsorship of TD Bank Group. Elginburg says "thank you TD"!

Kinder Poppy Art/Hasler & Robinson

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Donations for a Poppy

Mrs. Guild''s class will be leading our Remembrance Day Assembly. Each child will receive a poppy to wear to the assembly. Please send donations to your child's classroom teacher.

"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers."
—Jose Narosky

Snowy Fun

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Parking/End of Day

The city of Kingston has been out for a second visit to see our traffic situation at the end of the day. Since their first visit there has been increased Police presence in the area and they have been tracking average speeds. They are still working on a solution but in the meantime are requesting larger school zone signs to be placed near the school to remind people to slow down.

Please be aware that our neighbours do not like people blocking or turning around in their driveways. Let's keep them happy and show them that kindness is alive and well at Elginburg!

Bridge Making

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Outdoor Fun!

Get your boots on!

This year, we are promoting creative outdoor play!

We have added tires to the kindergarten yard and will be adding more to the primary yard. We are thrilled to be seeing students building, rolling and creating obstacle courses.

We have a creek in the back corner of the yard that students have been using to create pathways. They have even engineered a bridge that they open and close to let water in and out.

After the heavy rain last week, we have "Lake Elginburg" in the baseball diamond area. We had students making boats out of tinfoil to sail on the lake!

Now that the snow is flying we are allowing snow forts and snow people. Snow balls are a natural draw for children. When the weather cooperates, Mrs. Duncan will open up a "snow ball" area where students can throw at targets and create snow ball games. It will be supervised and inappropriate play will not be tolerated.

Sliding on the ice is another natural instinct for kids. We will allow children to slide on their knees on the ice. If students are being unsafe they will be removed from this play until they are able to assure us they are going to follow the safety rules.

If you know your child is an experimenter and enjoys creative play, please send them in water proof boots and send extra mittens.

We apologize if they come home wet and dirty but we are thrilled to see them learning through outdoor play!

Upcoming Events

November 6/13/20 - Swim to Survive - All grade 3 students

November 8 - Gillott/Bush to Cataraqui Cemetery for Remembrance Day Ceremony

November 8 - Frontenacs Hockey Game 7 pm

November 11 - Remembrance Day Assembly

November 15 - Gymnastics Burns/Koss

November 18 - Parent Council Meeting 6:00 - free babysitting available

November 19 - Progress Report Cards home

December 10 - Buster the Bus presentation (primary) & Quiz show (J/I)

January 29 - LaSalle Grade 8 Parent Information Night - 6 pm

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