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Welcome Back!!!

The new school year has begun and with it comes excitement and hope! What a great time of year for students, staff, and parents. We have officially started the 2019-2020 school year. Hallways have been cleaned, decorations are posted, and busses are back on the roads. The campus is buzzing with excitement. I am excited to know that throughout this year we will see great plays on the athletic fields, hear beautiful notes sang and played, see artwork produced that will win competitions and most of all have staff that will help change lives for the positive. It is a great time to be a Falcon!

A Message from the Superintendent

We are honored to have the privilege of serving 1,800+ students from the terrific communities that comprise the Clinton-Massie Local School District. We understand and appreciate the trust parents and community members place in us, and we are committed to providing a personalized education for each student.

As a parent of Clinton-Massie Local School District students, I have first-hand experience of how caring our staff is to our students. Every year, I have the pleasure of seeing your children thrive with a strong education and foundation for their future.

The success of our District is the result of a deep commitment and support from students and families, educators, the Board of Education and our community. With these partnerships, we have undergone several important initiatives that support our students and connect with the greater Clinton-Massie community. Most recently, the community voted to enact a ½% earned income tax. We are thankful for the support. We will work diligently to be good stewards of tax dollars afforded to our District.

We remain committed to continuous improvement and will always look for opportunities to move our strong District forward. We will do this together with our community to achieve a plan that realizes our collective goals and dreams.

On behalf of the Clinton-Massie Local School District, thank you for the opportunity to serve your students. The best is yet to come and we are so pleased you are a part of our future. We look forward to seeing you at our schools!

Matt Baker, Proud Superintendent and Parent

Clinton-Massie Local School District


This is an opportunity to share all of the amazing things that are happening at Clinton-Massie Local Schools! We will use this hashtag to capture positive stories, lessons, and people throughout the year.

Even in the summer the work never stops!!

Clinton-Massie Welcomes a New Middle School Principal!

Clinton-Massie Local Schools will have a new person at the helm of the middle school. Lorinda Ottaway joined the Falcon Family in June and has hit the ground running ever since. She comes to us after spending twenty-eight years in the Sycamore Community School District as both a teacher and instructional coach. Click here for the Wilmington News Journal article. Please join with me in making Mrs. Ottaway feel like part of the Falcon Family!

Clinton County Headstart now on campus!

Clinton-Massie Local Schools is excited to have Clinton County Head Start in the Annex starting this school year. Head Start will be able to service more students from the Clinton-Massie community with a branch here on campus.

Head Start serves over 150 children, three to five years old, from economically disadvantaged families. The program provides services in the areas of education, nutrition, health, mental health, transportation, and social services. The children are in class 3 ½ hours a day; being offered the opportunity to gain all the skills necessary to succeed. Degreed teachers provide the children with these opportunities. Parents are encouraged to become involved in their children’s education and are given information as to what they can do to help.

Head Start also offers a home-based program where a qualified teacher goes into a family’s home each week and works with the parents to teach their child the skills they will need to be successful.

The center-based program runs four days a week for 32 weeks per year. The entire program follows all federal rules, Ohio Dept. of Education rules, and the guidelines set forth by Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family Services. For full detail of this program please click here.To speak with someone about Head Start please call: 937-382-5624

A New Scoreboard is Donated

Clinton-Massie Local Schools has a new scoreboard in the stadium. Thank you to all the private donations and local businesses for their support. This item was put in place without using any state or local tax dollars. This will benefit our athletes and spectators for years to come!

New members of the Falcon Family!

We have had numerous changes in personnel over the last six months. We saw multiple retirements at the end of the 2018-2019 school year so the summer has been hectic with hiring! If you see a new face please say HI and make them feel welcome!

Elizabeth Conley-ES Teacher, Evie Marshall-ES Teacher, Emily Miller-ES Teacher, Jacqueline Proctor-ES Teacher, Hunter Sears-ES Teacher, Alexa Moraites-School Psychologist, Kelly Haidet-HS Aide, Elisha Beckett-Preschool Aide, Kari Frank-HS Aide, Andrew Hall-HS Aide, Lisa Hollingsworth-ES Aide, Ashley Humphries-ES Aide, Kelli Koch-ES Aide, Cheryl Lewis-ES Nurse, Jennifer Martin-HS Aide, Lindsey Tucker-HS Aide, Nicolin Haines-MS Teacher, Nancy Ederer-Van Driver, Amy Ireland-Van Driver

Falcon Staff Spotlight!

The spotlight is on Sandra Achor. Sandra is a custodian for CMLS. She started her tenure here as an employee in 1989. It was a homecoming for her since she is a "lifer" having attended Clinton-Massie Local Schools (Clarksville then the HS) from kindergarten through graduation. She has been married for 43 years to her husband Ralph. She has also seen her two daughters, Brandy and Regina, graduate from Clinton-Massie as well. Sandra is our go-to person across the district when it comes to needing furniture, supplies, or a C-M history lesson. She seems to know where all the hidden jewels reside. She orders supplies, helps us stay in compliance with the fire and health inspectors, and is the person you have to see if you need a key or a fob. Her versatility makes her a very important member of the Falcon Family. Sandra always greets staff and students with her trademark smile.

"I have enjoyed my experience here. There is always a new adventure. I love seeing the kids in the community or out at the fair. I now even see kids that I have known here in the past bringing their own kids here. I am glad to have been a part of the last three decades of this district!"

We are glad to have Sandra as a Falcon Family member and we thank her for her service!!

Clinton-Massie Local School District

The Clinton-Massie Local School District is a comprehensive preschool through 12th-grade public school district located in rural southwest Ohio.