Fish farmer

Charlie Ehrfurth, hour 4


  • Farms are all over the country
  • Multiple kinds of fish
  • Fish are used for food or research
  • Different types of housing for the fish such as tanks or troughs
  • Temperatures need constant monitoring
  • Different species need different food
  • Housing needs to be built for the habits of the fish
  • An entry level employee can make $44,000
  • Most companies have less then ten employees
  • You need to breed the fish and place the eggs in the hatcheries
  • Some fans buy baby fish from other hatcheries

Pros and cons of fish farming

Pros: If you find a job there usually isn't many local competitors. Also an experienced fish farmer can sometimes make over $120,000. You get to work outside sometimes and with animals.

Cons: There is only about 250 jobs needed in the us. It involves a lot of constant monitoring on the health of the fish and water. Lots of scrubbing and cleaning is needed on the housing.

What should I do to succeed in this career.

In high school you can take marine biology classes, hydroponics, and animal care. In college the class fish health and hydroponics are highly recommended.


Spokane technical college, Washington

  • Cons
  • It's far away
  • Expensive
  • Hard to get into


  • Well known
  • Lots of courses
  • Specific classes

Michigan State, Lansing

  • Pros
  • Close
  • One of the best programs in the country
  • Lots of very specific classes
  • Cons
  • Very big school
  • Hard to get into
  • Expensive

Texas A &M

  • Pros
  • One of the best courses in the country
  • Broad and specific classes
  • Many classes
  • Cons
  • Expensive
  • Very hard to get into
  • Far away from home
  • Really hot

Want more informative... Try these

PO Box 175

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Phone: (920) 250-1037



National FFA Center

P.O. Box 68960

6060 FFA Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46268-0960


Looking for a job?

Fish farming

  • Managing numbers of fish
  • Monitoring water
  • Keeping track of fish health
  • Cleaning housing
  • Building housing
  • Hatching fingerlings
  • Rounding up adults to be sold