By: Gordan Korman

Summary his grandmother

This book is about a 14-year old boy name Capricorn Anderson or Cap for short who lives in a hippie commune called Garland. He was born in 1994. For most of his time he would work out in the fields planting and harvesting crops, picking fruit from the trees and practicing Tai chi in the front yard. But one day Cap had to live with his grandmother's friend, Mrs. Donnelly, because his grandmother broke her hip when she slipped out of a tree while picking plums. Cap also had to go Claverage Middle School since he was staying at Mrs. Donnelly's house now, but like Cap's grandmother Rain always says whenever they have a problem "We talk it out, think it out, and work it out." But is Cap ready to face the outside world and take his very first step into a real school and change people's lives from what he has learned from his grandmother.


I chose the book Schooled because it made me really wonder how Cap is going to face the outside world and will it change him very much. My favorite part of the book was when Cap became 8th grade class president and became the most popular kid in just a few days. In my opinion the book Schooled was very amazing and it was so mind-blowing to me when I first read it. The reasons why i liked this book very much because it was fascinating, mind-blowing, and absolutely very twisting. At first I thought he was going to be treated badly because of the way he looked and acted, but it turns out he really had a positive effect on the other 8th grade students when he became class president. Honestly there was nothing in the book i didn't like. I would like to rate this book infinite out of infinite because it was very positive, dramatic, and very caring combined together to make the greatest movie made of all time. I would like to recommend this book for people who like to help other people because if they ever doubt themselves that they can't help anyone then this book will help them get their confidence back and they will start to help people very much. The overall rating is 5 stars.
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