Hawksbill Turtle

By: Logan Hundley

Where are they found???

Hawksbill turtles can be found in rocky areas, coral reefs, shallow coastal areas, lagoons or oceanic islands, and narrow creeks and passes. They don't go into very deep water, no deeper than 65 feet. The hatchlings can be found floating in masses of sea plants.

How can farming increase biodiversity???

When organic farming is present, the animals who eat those crops are benefited a lot. Only organic farming helps biodiversity because in non-organic farming the use of pesticides and growth hormones throws everything off.

Why might farmers want to limit the use of pesticides on their crops???

Farmers should the at least limit the use of pesticides or even better not use them at all. Pesticides do help kill off unwanted creatures but they have very harmful effects on animals and people and even the plants.. the effects on humans can be very mild like a headache or nausea but could lead to bigger health problems like cancer. The pesticides can get in the air and water streams and harm plants and animals.

How can deforestation decrease the biodiversity of an area???

Deforestation is when a forest is demolished usually so that something can be built on top of it. This harms the biodiversity by decreases the oxygen in the area. Lots of animals use trees as shelter so by cutting them you're cutting down their home which will probably kill them. Some animals use trees as food and without food they'll obviously die, which then throws the food web off and decreases biodiversity.

How would the draining of a wetland to make way for a residential development affect the wildlife that lives in that area???

Many animals call a wetland their home so by getting rid of them you're getting rid of their home. Most animals can't function properly without a home so we're harming the lives of the animals. Some animals might also depend on the area for food and you can't just take the food source away from an animal without it having a bad effect.

Why should we work to restore the wetlands on the coast of North Carolina???

We need to keep wetlands because they house a very diverse group of species, of which make up about 50% of the federally listed endangered species. Wetlands help out the environment and the economy and should be kept how they are.