November 16

Alignment of Action Analysis Steps and GLE's & Alignment of IB Units of Inquiry in Specials

As I did walk throughs this week, I looked for ALIGNMENT. This included alignment of instruction with the GLE's and the action steps you identified in both reading and math and alignment of the IB units of inquiry in our specials. If our students are going to be successful on the GLE's that we have identified in our School Improvement Plan, then the teaching and learning opportunities must be directly aligned. Ensuring the rigor of what the GLE is asking is also a critical piece in helping our students succeed. Likewise, if we are to truly become all that an IB PYP can be, then it needs to be part of our culture and the way we do business EVERYWHERE in our school. ALIGNMENT, ALIGNMENT, ALIGNMENT!

3rd Grade-RI2

In this 3rd grade example you can clearly see all 3 parts of the GLE in the graphic organizer. The rigor comes from the third part which is to explain how the key details support the main idea. One of the action steps identified by the teacher was to focus on the "learning" that occurred by ensuring that students reached those learning targets. A rubric has been shared with students so they know what they are doing well and what needs to improve.
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Kindergarten RF2.d

This is a kindergarten student in whole group who is identifying initial and final sounds in CVC words which is directly aligned with the GLE and the teacher's action step of providing practice for this. Engagement was high and numerous practice opportunities were available as all students had their own white boards. The teacher could also scan quickly to see who had it and who didn't.
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1st grade OA.6

We have learned through our conversations that fluency does not mean spitting out memorized facts fast. Fluency means students are able to demonstrate flexibility in the computational methods they choose. They can understand and can explain these methods, and they can produce accurate answers efficiently. The action step for this teacher was to set aside time for fluency games. Knowing doubles leads to fluency!
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5th grade NF.2

One of the action steps that many grade levels identified in math was the need to use more visual models to help solidify the students' conceptual understanding. In this example students were able to grab fraction bars on their computers to compare 2 fractions.
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Focus & Team work will see us through!