Road Trip in the USA


How will we grt to the USA? By submarine

we are going to the USA by submarine

submarine is very stifling and narrow

[해군공개영상] 잠수함 '안중근함' 훈련 장면 Millitary Drill of Submarine, 'An Jung Geun', Republic of Korea Navy

what will we drive on our road trip

we will drive a helicopter because we like sky and We want to fly like a bird

World's first manned flight with an electric multicopter

what music will we listen to on our road trip?

our first song is carly rae jepsen "call me maybe"

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

our second song is lenka "Everything At Once"

Lenka - Everything At Once (Music Video)


132117 ryu seong eun

??????? mun seung gon (he Not contacted )