Mrs. Laub's Second Grade News

Classroom News and Reminders

Our Week in Review

Our writing time was dedicated to developing ideas about which we can write. Some ideas were inspired by books, other ideas are close to our hearts, and finally, we listed ideas we are super-duper interested in writing about because we know a lot of them or we want to research in order to write about them.

We continued to focus on deep thinking during our reading time by recording thoughts in our response logs. Students are expected to present evidence to support their thinking/opinions about their reading. Each student must explain "the why" or "the because" no matter what their opinion of the book might be, so we practiced presenting evidence to support opinions AND deep thinking about our reading.

Students started their first word list/sort of the year this week. For the first spelling test, your child will need to be able to differentiate between the long and short a sounds. Long a says its name and short a sounds like the a in cat. We are working with some of the words which include those sounds: bag, jack, crab, grass, hat, man, map, bat, skate, plate, rain, rake, frame, grapes, game, snake. Next week students will be responsible for spelling on their test. I will choose 5 words plus 1 bonus word from the list.

Math time presented the opportunity to determine odd and even numbers in order to help us learn about equal groups versus unequal groups.

During Science/SS time we wrapped up our learning about safety equipment and moved on to learning about germs, and healthy habits that prevent the spread of germs.

Mark Your Calendar

There will be no school this Friday, September 4th, or Monday, September 7th.

Picture day is Thursday, September 10th.

Show Your Spirit!

Please send in your Box Tops for Education in a bag or envelope marked with your child's name and mine. All money raised benefits Sweeny students!

Every Monday is Sweeny Spirit Day, so encourage your kiddo to wear their Republic Tiger gear or orange and black.

Please consider joining our Sweeny PTO if you haven't already. Our PTO does GREAT things for our students! Let me know if I can send a membership form to you.