Vasco DaGama

By Jada


Vasco DaGama was a portuguese sailor and explorer who made himself famous by captaining the first European voyage ever to sail to India. Vasco was the son of a famous man. His life was not without controversy, however, even if it was filled with fame an fortune.

Early Life

Born in 1460 in sines, Portugal. his father was a knight and a explorer. his mothers family, of English ascendance.

Reason for exploration

Dom Diogi, Duke of Viseu and guvnor of the military. King Manuel the 1. He was exploring for Portugal. Discoveries He by traveled four ships with 150 men. He explored in Portugal i (1502-1503). he was just trying to be famous.


He died in December 23, 1524 in Kochi, India. He was just trying to get attention.


He explored in Portugal in (1502-1503)

He traveled by four ships with 150 men. And he was just doing this to be famous.

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Vasco DaGama died.

Monday, Dec. 15th 1524 at 9pm

Kochi India

Vasco da Gama