Baby Sitting 101

Wanna be a babysitter?

Advice and most important things to know!

❀ Have patience! Kids aren't always gonna do what you want them to.

❀ Be honest with the parents. Honesty is the best policy!

❀ Stay focused! Remember you are there for the kids, not you.

❀ Plan ahead! Plan some activities and snacks ahead of time.

❀ Acquire local emergency numbers and health needs for the kids.

❀ Remember to breath!

❀ Remember the wants and needs of the parents! Remember anything the parents require you to do.

Activities to do with the kids!

❀ Make a fort.

❀ Make home-made play dough or putty. Here's a frozen themed silly putty recipe!

❀ Make snack with the kids! Maybe make some rice crispy treats!

❀ Finger paint!

❀ Go to a nearby park or playground.

Do's and Don'ts!


❀ Follow parents request

❀ Clean up a little! Make sure the house is the way you left it!

❀ Be Positive!


❀ Invite people over unless parents say otherwise!

❀ Show up late!

❀ Leave the kid alone!