What did you do in school today?

Seesaw connects parents to the classroom

New apps, new ideas

Kelly Rexine from EduTech gave an exciting presentation on the latest apps for teachers and students at this year's Metro Tech Camp. He shared nearly 50 new and applicable programs for participants to try in their classrooms. Nearly every app was free and throughout the presentation teachers were able to see how these new ideas could enhance student learning. Educators will definitely prepare today's learners for tomorrow's world with these new ideas!

One app that I will be introducing students to this year is called Seesaw. This program enables students to create digital portfolios. Students can design presentations using video, pictures, voice recording, drawings, and text. With this app, students may record themselves reading a book and increase their fluency. They could also record themselves solving a math problem and watch it later that night to help with homework completion. Students could also present book reports, study vocabulary, and reflect on their learning. The opportunities are endless! Best of all, students can share this information with parents on a daily basis. Parents can be more involved in their child's learning and use the digital portfolio as a conversation starter. The routine question of, "What did you do in school today?" becomes, "I saw your portfolio today. Tell me more about your project!"

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