A Country Divided

a war that broke the unity of brothers


Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln

Al Pacino as Jefferson Davis

Robert Downey Jr. as Ulysses S. Grant

Sean Connery as Robert E. Lee

Jack Nicholson as General Sherman

Morgan Freeman as Frederick Douglass

The Civil War summary

The civil war started on April, 12 1861 it was fought between the USA and the confederate states during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln in the union and the presidency of Jefferson Davis in the confederate states it was fought over manly because of slavery and the right to secede Abraham Lincoln would not let the south secede at any cost. The major generals of the war were general lee who commanded the army of the confederacy and stonewall Jackson who stood still when everyone else wanted to give up or in the union general grant who would gain control over the union army or general Sherman who marched through the south destroying cities like Atlanta. There were many major battles such as the first battle of bull run where Stonewall Jackson stood his ground against the union or the battle of Gettysburg which would be the last time the south invaded the north or the battle of Vicksburg which gave the union complete control of the Mississippi river which divided the south find out about these story's in this war epic.
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