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Week of November 16, 2015

What can we learn by sharing stories from our lives & the lives of others?

Lesson Plans Due

Monday, Nov. 16th, 8:30am

Bullock School

SLT (School Leadership Team) Meetings

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 3-4pm

Bullock School

Literacy Team (Demo Room) w/Taibi
  • Interactive Read Alouds
  • Essential Questions

Minority Student Achievement Team (Small Conference Room) w/Brice & Evans

  • Bring a Friend!
  • "Don't Kick Them Out" Part 1 Planning

CAST Meetings

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 8:30am-2:30pm

Small Conference Room

Comprehension Through Conversation PLC

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 2am-4pm

Demo Room

  • Read aloud w/Mr. Taibi!

PTO Meeting

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 6:30-7:30pm

Bullock School Media Center

STAR Student Luncheon & Disco Party!

Friday, Nov. 20th, 11am-1pm

Cafeteria & Gymnasium

Disco Schedule
  • 11:00-11:30 – Second Grade
  • 11:35-12:05 – Third Grade
  • 12:10-12:40 – First Grade

The Curriculum Corner: Domain 2-The Classroom Environment

At the heart of Domain 2 is a focus on the interactions that occur throughout the day, including both teacher/student and student/student interactions. How do students support their learning by interacting with the physical environment? Do students contribute freely & take academic risks when interacting with the teacher/peers? How do we interact with our students when behaviors occur & how does the student/class respond? Although these interactions themselves may be non-instructional, they play an essential role in establishing a culture for learning. Next week we will be delve deeper into this domain by focusing on Component 2a: Creating an Environment of Respect & Rapport. In the meantime, feel free so share some ways you support meaningful interactions throughout your classroom via email, social media or in the footer of the Buzz!

The Curriculum Corner Online

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News & Notes

  • Computer Class will be held in your classrooms on Friday, November 20th to accommodate some PD. There will be no double session for Grade 3 on this day.
  • Please remember to be mobile & to actively scan during recess. This will help to alleviate behaviors & injuries.
  • We will be getting rid of the "stigmatic yellow lunch tickets" for students with cafeteria balances. To do this students will enter in their code when ordering. The Nutri-serve staff will be talking with students during Music Class throughout the week to get them ready. A letter will also be going home.

Bulldog Buddies Committee Updates

Please reach out to your grade level/team representative if you have any questions!


  • Teachers/Cafeteria Aides will be assigned to specific classes/locations
  • Bathroom trips will be limited - each adult will have 1 boy pass & 1 girl pass


  • Stay to the RIGHT OF THE LIGHT at all times!
  • Give your line leader specific "stopping points." This will allow you to monitor ALL parts of the line.
  • When the hallways are crowded: Give the person going to lunch/prep the "right of way."

You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Thank you Patti for letting me borrow your bags of rice for the measurement lesson!!
  • Thank you Donna R. for the many times you offer humor and encourage others.
  • Thank you Mari Kay for your flexibility and willingness to always help our students. Your hard work and dedication is appreciated!
  • Christine-thanks for chatting with me and sharing some helpful tips for my student.
  • Shout out to Theresa for all her wonderful work in the Media Center!
  • To the Mel’s for always being there for me!
  • Thank you to Dionne for helping us type our stories!
  • For laughing together – so important!
  • Thank you Kathy and Heather for helping the sub on Monday…you are lifesavers!!
  • Thanks to Andrea for all you do to meet the many needs of your students. I enjoy working with you.

  • The Castro Family wants to thank our Bullock Family for every single note, card and gesture.

  • Thank you, Bullock faculty & staff, for participating in the Pay-It-Forward fundraiser!

Schoolwide Events

  • 11/10 - Bulldog Buddies Meeting (3:00 PM, Small Conference Room)
  • 11/12 - Faculty Meeting (3:00 PM, Media Center); CAST Paperwork DUE (for the 11/19)
  • 11/16 - Testing Window OPENS
  • 11/18 - School Initiative Team Meetings (3:00 PM); AM Parent Learning Walk
  • 11/19 - CAST Meetings; Comprehension Through Conversation PLC (3:00 PM, Media Center); PTO Meeting (6:30 PM, Bullock Media Center)

Happy Birthday!

  • Anthony Mangino - 11/19
  • Jack Dougherty - 11/28
  • Michael Bittner - 11/22

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