Reflections Entries

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Percentage of Entries to Advance to Council

20% of each category (visual arts, photography...)

In the event that there are 1-5 entries in a category, the school may advance up to one entry to stay within the 20% rule.

When there are 6+ entries, the percentage should be calculated and rounded up to the next whole number (Ex: 6-10 entries advance 2).

All information for the advancing entries will need to be uploaded to the spreadsheet "Reflections Local PTA Advancing Entrants Spreadsheet" in the Dropbox that I have linked under the Spreadsheet for Advancing Entries section at the bottom of this flyer. Please make sure to alphabetize entries by last name, send me an electronic copy at, and print out an additional copy to drop off with advancing entries.

Advancing Entries

You will need to use colored dots to signify age/division before dropping off advancing entries to Council:

Primary: Preschool-2nd Grade-Red Dot

Intermediate: 3rd-5th Grade-Blue Dot

Middle/Junior: 6th-8th Grade-Yellow Dot

High School: 9th-12th Grade-Green Dot

Visual Art entries: Place the dot on the back of the entry

Music/Dance Choreography/Film/Video: Place the dot on the front of the envelope (not the entry form side)

Literature entries: Place the dot on the front (outside) of the manila folder (not the entry form side)

Drop Off/Pick Up Dates & Times

Advancing entries will have to be dropped off at Harris Hill (Annex Building) on either Friday December 5th from 3pm-7pm, or Saturday December 6th from 8am-10am. Judging will take place that Saturday from 10am-5pm, and non-advancing entries will need to be picked up between 5pm-7pm.
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If you do not receive some of the entries back, that means they will be showcased at the Reflections Art Exhibit on January 8, 2015 at the Curtis Culwell Center. More information about the Art Exhibit to follow.