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Dutch Fork Elementary The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


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As readers, we have been spending the past couple of weeks coding the text to track our thinking while reading. We used a variety of symbols like check marks, question marks, exclamation points, and others to represent our thinking. It has been so much fun pulling out moments from our books that our significant to us. Also, we have been using context clues to make sense of unknown words during our reading. Yesterday, we had such a great special interest club: context clues meeting. The meeting happened by invitation during our independent reading time. Ask your child if he or she accepted the invitation and what he or she learned from it.

Social Studies

*Check out the photos of our sharecropping simulation. Ask your child about this experience!

Sharecropping Simulation


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As Mathematicians we are currently getting ready to end Chapter 1 in our math book. The question we explored throughout this chapter was, how does the position of a digit in a number relate to its value? Chapter 1 was filled with lots of information about Place Value. During Math Workshop we learned how to use place value to compare decimals, write decimals in expanded form, and solve problems. We also started a new math ritual, called the Number of the Day. Please ask your mathematician what we do with our Number of the Day. Next week we will start Chapter 5 in our math book. Chapter 5 is centered on Adding and Subtracting Decimals. Our first Test in Math will be next Wednesday, September 16.


Variables, Variables, and Variables! As Scientists we have been investigation variables and how they affect a scientific test. We started off our investigation by building pendulums. While building our pendulums we tested how we could use variables to change the number of swings a pendulum made in 15 seconds. We used independent and dependent variables to perform a scientific investigation. Within our investigation scientists also learned the importance of collecting and charting data. Our next unit of study in Science is landforms and oceans.

Pendulum Investigation

Guidance with Mrs. Beckman

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Writer's Corner

all about lundyn

.lundyn’s favorite color is pink

.her Birthday is july/17/2005

.her favorite subject is drawing so she can express her feelings

.her hobby is dancing

.her favorite book is the one and only Ivan

.favorinte food stake and mashpotatos

.she spends her free time drawing

.favorite song is one Drection

.favorite sport is soccer

.she loves god

By Carlos

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