Medal of Honor Recipients

by: Desirae Campos

William Carney

Carney's Role in the Civil War

William Carney was born on February 29, 1840. He was an African American born and raised in Virginia. At age 23 Carney decided to join the Army in 1863 (Hammond).

During the Civil War Carney fought in an attack at Fort Wagner (Appleby). While in battle, Sergeant John Wall was holding up the American flag and got shot. Now, the flag was down. Quickly, William Carney grabbed the flag before it fell and carried on with the flag in his hands (Sergeant Carney's Flag). While doing this Carney got shot multiple times in the leg. When he recovered he was awarded the Medal of Honor on May 23, 1900 (Sergeant Carney's Flag).

William Carney deserved his recognition because of his bravery. It's important that people that have done meaningful deeds know that everyone noticed their accomplishments so, they feel that they have a purpose in life.

"Boys, the old flag never touched the ground." - William Carney

Philip Bazaar

Bazaar's Role in the Civil War

Philip Bazaar was a Chilean soldier during the Civil War. He joined the Navy in 1850. While Bazaar was in battle he went back and saved his wounded companions. Because of his brave actions, Bazaar was awarded the Medal of Honor.

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