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Tom Jason tells his Adroit story...

Hello. My name is Tom Jason. I work as an Event photographer in a local town of California. I have 6 years of Photography experience. I used to cover Events in my local town previously. No body knew me much out of town. It was like this until I heard about Adroit. I went to them and shared my photography mobile application idea. They calmly listened to all my options and than gave brilliant suggestions. I felt so excited and touched. We had a deal. My App was designed and was hand over to me on the prescribed time. It was so beautiful. I instantly got in love with that. Now with Adroits help I got an opportunity to get global. Its been 5 years now and I get orders from all over USA . My life has changed. People know and admire my photography skills. My earnings have substantially increased. I am living a happy life. Thank You Adroit. You are the best.

My First App 'Frame Works' and I am completely in Love with It ! (Tom Jason)