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Finding Your Calm

Breaks can help all of us, students and teachers, find our calm. Incorporating short breaks when transitioning between lessons can give our students an opportunity to reset and prepare for the next task.

Read more - Short Breaks Help Students—and Teachers—Find Their Calm: Simple, quick exercises improve mindfulness, self-regulation, and well-being, for both students and teachers.
By Connie Morris October 11, 2021

Counting Down to Restore Calm in the Classroom

Strategies for Inclusion

A little thought into planning a lesson or activity can maximize learning for students with disabilities. Below are just a few strategies to think about as you prepare for inclusion in your classroom.

  • Emphasize social interaction (often the priority for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder) and assign “peer helpers” to act as guides and/or supports
  • Allow for extra time to complete tasks
  • Use positive reinforcement
  • Incorporate written and oral language strategies (lists of what is being done, or pictures for those who cannot read or have trouble with oral directions)
  • Use explicit and repeated instructions
  • Provide peer support – assign a peer helper to provide support during the activity
  • Place the child in a location where he/she can listen/hear and maximize understanding
  • Provide clear, defined examples of behavior that is expected
  • Always be patient and use wait time
  • Allow for flexibility in your plans
  • Break up tasks into smaller steps
  • Use modeling
  • Understand that some tasks like waiting in line may be difficult for some children
  • Use consistent routines in your plan
  • Play games over
  • Provide ongoing prompts or visual cues
  • Use mixed ability groupings
  • Celebrate the process

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New FREE Resources!

Foundational Reading Lesson Set

This free lesson set includes instructional routines and materials for designing foundational reading skills lessons. The routines are designed for students in first grade who are learning to read and students in first, second, and third grades who need additional instructional support. This lesson set includes routines and enough materials for the entire school year including:

  • the top 500 sight words,
  • approximately 4,000 decodable words,
  • more than 200 image cards for phonological awareness,
  • more than 80 sound-spellings ordered by frequency, and
  • more than 40 sound-spelling cards for the most common phonograms.

Designed for Texas Teachers and Aligned with the TEKS

These free materials contain 23 modules that are focused on different mathematics content and are designed for grades 2 through 8.

These modules feature:

  • Step-by-step routines for explicit teaching of the mathematics content.
  • Vocabulary Cards with visuals that can be easily displayed in the classroom.

Problem Sets with greater than 50 ready-to-use problems for each module. CLICK HERE for additional information and links to modules.

Big picture

Find the Right Accommodation for Your Student - Easy as 1-2-3!!

Accommodation Central allows for you to select accommodations in both the academic and/or functional settings in different content areas.

Teacher Resources

Are we there yet??

We can't get to our destination (student goal) if we don't know where we are and where we are going. Using TEKS Vertical Alignment Guides for our students can help us identify where our student is at so we support them to meet their goals. Don't let the title fool you, this document is a great tool to use with any student not just STAAR Alt kiddos. So are we there yet?? Maybe not, BUT we have a plan!!

STAAR Alternate 2 Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Vertical Alignment Documents

ESC 17 INclusion Resources

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Inclusion in Texas Network

The Inclusion in Texas Network works in collaboration with TEA to build a statewide culture of high expectations for students with disabilities and significantly improve academic and functional outcomes for students served by special education.

Workshops and Conferences

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The Inclusion In Texas Network is pleased to announce a partnership with the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) to provide free unlimited access to ATIA's online courses for ll education, support staff, and families supporting students across Texas.

  • easy to navigate learning catalog
  • wide variety of sessions
  • Free registration
  • 60+ self-paced sessions
  • Certificate of completion awarded immediately
  • CEU certificates awarded upon completion of course assessments
  • ASHA Credits awarded for select sessions

Inclusion in Texas and TEA ATIA Online Course Portal

For all education and support staff serving students in the Texas – free AT Online Professional Development from ATIA.