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Celebrations, Updates, Priorities, and Tidbits

Great Job Everyone!

THANKS to everyone for welcoming district leadership during Friday's Instructional Walk-Through. Feedback included some wonderful kudos about our school's implementation of Daily 5, use of rich text and teacher-student discussions focused on higher-order thinking. Our MTSS team and School Improvement Team will dig deeper into the feedback but here is a quote shared with me:

"A good number of Jones Classrooms could very well serve as a model for teachers in the district and from across the state as to how to effectively utilize the Daily 5 structure to assure that students produce, receive teacher feedback (with informal assessment or check for understanding) and most importantly are challenged to think! The use of higher order thinking skills through questioning, and the expectation of proof or rational in answer was spot on. There was an atmosphere of Paideia alive and well outside of the walls of Seminar."

We are not yet a full year into the implementation of Daily 5 so give yourself a big pat on the back!!

School Improvement Work: "Teachers have time to collaborate with colleagues"

Our SIT has been digging deeper into teacher feedback for increased instructional time. At our December meeting we looked at ways different grades have been successfully collaborating and extending both planning and resource-seeking time blocks. Since August and September SIT members have been asked to share these ideas with grade is a summary list. It is a work in progress. If your team has suggestions or examples please share with us!! Every grade has the flexibility to extend their planning through creative scheduling, use of TA's, and by requesting funds. If you are not doing this or are not sure how to go about creating a schedule feel free to talk to Ms. Cain!!! We have some strong models in place and want everyone to have that extra time.

* Maintain duty schedule with classroom teachers not on the duty rotation early morning

* Extend scheduled planning by using TA's to cover (planning plus 30 minutes 1 day per week)

* Start end of day planning early using TA's to cover (1st grade has TA's cover end of day 1 day per week)

* Use TA's to cover 1/2 day for individual planning (or team)

* Use reserved funds to secure a sub for long term planning (1/2 day)

* Use of Specialists to cover upper grade classes for shared planning

* Duty-free lunch time - grade level's have those schedules (Duty-Free lunch time covered at K-2 by assistants and at 3-5 by assistants and support staff - duty free lunch does not have to be aligned with student lunches)

Teacher Appreciation Holiday Meal

The PTO is sponsoring a holiday meal to show their appreciation of faculty/staff. Room parents have coordinated parent coverage on Tuesday, December 15th. Lunch will be in the Volunteer Center. Please plan ahead and leave information for parents (seating chart, activities, health info if needed).

Racial Equity Tuesday

Student and Family Holiday Meal

Wed, Dec 16th

3rd from 10:30-11:00 am

4th from 11:45 - 12:15 pm

5th from 12:30 - 1:00 pm

Lynn has spoken to classes who will need to eat in their rooms. Please review with all students the need for appropriate behavior EVERY day and during special events such as this. Cafeteria noise is a concern - we do ask adults supervising breakfast and lunch to use the colored up system as a reminder to students to monitor their volume.

If you have parents joining you the cost is $5 per adult. ONLY parents in grades 3-5 are invited due to space.

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Grades 2-5 - Concert Rehearsal Information

REHEARSALS for next week:

(Monday has changed a little, T and W haven't.)

Monday: all classes grades 2-5 will go to the auditorium for specials during their own specials time. Specialists will supervise, classroom teachers do not need to go, though you should walk your kids down to the auditorium unless you work something out with your specialist on that day.

Tuesday and Wednesday:

-Third and Fifth grade will go to auditorium for specials, same as Monday, classroom teachers do not need to stay. (5th teachers, please have them arrive as soon as humanly possible... 3rd grade teachers, we will probably go a bit past 1:45... but please be there ready to pick them up at that time because specialists will need to take off).

-Fourth grade will go to their regularly schedule specials, but will also go to auditorium during 5th grade specials from 8-9 so they can practice together.

-Second grade will go to their regularly scheduled specials, but will also go to auditorium to practice with third grade from 1-2.

Thursday: I'm thinking we might need to get together again Thursday morning. If we need one more practice, lets go ahead and reserve the 8-9 slot for 4th/5th and 9-10 for 2/3. Will that work?


Thursday afternoon we will have a concert for the school at 1:30 (unless sarah tweaks time, I can't remember what we decided on). For that concert, let's plan to have everyone in place by 5 min beforehand. 2/3 students will be on the stage on their riser spot, 4/5 kids will be in the aisles... they'll know exactly what that means by that point.

We will start the concert with everyone singing one song together, "Hello to all the Children of the World." After that song, the fourth/fifth crew can just go sit down with their class in the benches and watch. They will need to take their places on stage as soon as the 2/3 kids have cleared the aisles (last 2/3 number is a dance that will take place in the aisles).

The evening concert is at 6:30. For that concert

  • the 2/3 students should meet in their classrooms between 6 and 6:15, then come down and get in places BY 5 min beforehand. To get on stage, please go through the music room and directly onto the stage. I will give you an exact plan for this, including each child's spot on the risers.
  • 4th grade should meet their teachers (and me) in the lobby of the auditorium at 6:00 to play songs as people are coming in (no we have not practiced this, I may have to cancel this part, but I really think it's sweet so I hope we can do it) ... after they are done, they will go stand in their aisle 5 min beforehand.
  • 5th grade should meet their teacher in a Kindergarten or first grade classroom around 6 and come to places 5 min beforehand.
After the first song, the 4/5 crew will have to leave the auditorium instead of sitting down (exception: Fourth grade Recorder Ninjas plus Clara Rodriguez... they will need to come down front and sit down... I will work this out with them). You could just take them to the K hallway and keep them lined up so they are ready to go right back in a few minutes later. It will be a pain to keep them quiet in the hall, but I think they might do ok with it if we practice it/discuss it beforehand. The other option is taking them to a Kindergarten room, but it'll really just be about 10 minutes, may not be worth it... we can discuss. Someone will come tell you when it's time to go back onstage. At that time, they will go on stage and perform three pieces, then they will stay for a sing a long.

The 2/3 kids will sing the hello song, Freres Jacques, Burn Little Candles, and then do their Mexican folk dance La Raspa in the aisles (!!!!). When they are done, they will need to go back to their classroom with their teacher and stay there (have movie ready) until picked up by parent. They will already be standing in the aisles, so you will just grab and go... you will see.

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OOPS - better draw your name on Monday!!! Time is running out........

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Final Four days of the Raffle Basket Extravaganza!