Welcome to Distrtict 1186! MP3/C18

Congratulations on Starting your Avon Business!

We are so happy to have you as part of our team!

I am your District Assistant Camille Peterkin, and I am here along with Gina Patterson, your District Manager Ph: 770-910-3792, to help you along in your AVON journey.

FIRST (if you haven't already)... sign in at www.youravon.com

Click on REGISTER and use

Your account number : (contact me if you don't know it)

and then use your last 4 digits of your SS#

choose your password

AND district code 1186

Set up your FREE website -and be sure to write down the URL link and START sharing it! You can post it on Facebook and other social media sites, email it and text to friends, etc.). Check out the Avon University TAB on the home page and the Social Media Link under the Web Office TAB for how to do posts.

Avon will ship your Start Up supplies, including the catalogs for 2 campaigns.

You will start in Campaign 18 (save the Campaign 19 brochures for AFTER you place your first Campaign 18 order) Submit your first order on 08/14/2016 call me for any help in placing orders or making payments. You have until midnight on your order submission date! See attached Selling Calendar for order due dates for the rest of 2016. http://www2.youravon.com/REPSuite/static/manage/promotion/salesincentives/RPS2016/MP_3_2016.pdf

Place all your orders at www.youravon.com.

Shoot for a goal of $100 or more in total orders!! Here's why: You receive a guaranteed 40% discount on all qualifying face to face and e-Store sales for each of the first 4 Campaigns that you REACH $100 OR MORE IN QUALIFYING AWARD SALES. YOU’LL ALSO RECEIVE A BEAUTY SAMPLE ASSORTMENT** http://www2.youravon.com/REPSuite/static/pdf/welcome/40Per_Discount_Exclusive_New_Rep_Flyer_C8_EN.pdf

Take Advantage of this Offer! This is an amazing deal, made to give you a sample of our most popular products. These are full sizes, so try them, show them or even SELL them! -- This is a great deal so show this flyer to everyone you know!!!! Customers can get it from you in your first 4 campaigns of selling. Text, FB, Instagram, call – tell everyone!


BOOST your Business: See the attached flyer and get a great deal on some of Avon’s BEST selling full size products and samples! Available to you within your first 3 campaigns only. Smart Value Kit (Only $35.)


OR GET CRAZY and order the Elite Kit for $100. It has over $350 in products in it! http://www2.youravon.com/REPSuite/static/pdf/welcome/Elite_Kit_Flyer_EN.pdf

Remember to order your brochures every campaign (system will prompt you before you submit orders). They come in packs of 10 so if you want 30 brochures, enter a "3."

MORE INCOME $$$! GROW YOUR TEAM!: I've attached an Advanced Leadership Earnings Chart to show you how to start your own team of Avon Representatives, no matter where they live. A second a GREAT way to make money with Avon! https://www2.youravon.com/REPSuite/static/pdf/welcome/Candidate_Online_Appts_Flyer.pdf


After you register your account, click the tab MY ORDERS at the top of the page to place your orders. You'll enter your orders by customer name, one customer at a time, including your own order, and then you submit ALL orders at once as one big order to Avon! (and only pay ONE shipping fee!)


You submit your Avon orders online at www.youravon.com. You also pay there to by clicking on "My Account" and then "Pay Avon" -- You can pre-pay with a credit/debit card for the cost of the products, which is LESS than what you collect from customers – customers pre-pay you the brochure price, but with your discount, your cost you pay Avon is less than the brochure price! The difference is your earnings and you already have it in your bank account!! ---- AND… Customers can pay you by credit card. Get all their credit card info (their name on card, expiration date, code on the back of card, billing address and their order total), then go to the SAME place YOU go to pay your Avon bill – "My Account" tab and "Pay Avon." In the "Amount" field, enter that customer's order total. Avon credit's your account/balance the amount of your customer's order – yes, it just comes right off the balance you owe Avon!


To make the most of your business and increase your knowledge and earnings, go ahead and start taking some of the training courses on www.youravon.com website under the TRAINING tab, click on Avon University, some New Representative classes will pop up. After you finish those, there are some advanced classes you can take. --- They are quick, easy and full of valuable information you'll want to learn, so running your business is easy and profitable.

EARNINGS: -- See attached Earnings Chart below

You will earn 20- 50% on your orders, depending on order size (except for the items with the diamond symbol (clothes, shoes, handbags, watches, etc) on these items you will earn 20% ). You get at least 20% on orders of $50 or more. You also get those same discounts on products you order for yourself!! http://www2.youravon.com/REPSuite/earnings_chart.page


Here are a few supplies I suggest you order with your first order and they will last for many campaigns!

058-433 - Supplies - Clear Literature Bags Pk. 50/ .80 use these to hang brochures on doors or make "goodie" bags!)

309-920 - Supplies - New! Order Book - English - FREE

307-511 - Credit Card Form - FREE

951-140 - Popcorn Bag - Large - 6 1/2"W x 4"D x 13"H Pk. 50/$1.25


"MY ORDERS" tab and then "sales tools" and then "business tools" located on the left side of the screen at your ordering page. You will find all the Rep tools, like samples, demos and sales tools located there, along with the line number for Bras etc


BEWARE OF SCAMMERS and Scam emails!!! If you get emails that are "too good to be true", then they usually are! If they say they are with a modeling agency or send you a big order and you do NOT know them, tell them to order online at your website! This way they can pay online at your website with a credit card and Avon will ship products directly to them!

Welcome aboard!

Call, text or email me with ANY questions!!

Camille Peterkin

Avon District Assistant

District: 1186 & 1583

Office: (678) 249-9169

Email: da1186@avonusa.com


Important Avon Numbers:

513-551-2866 Customer Service

888-540-2866 Missing Product from Order

877-784-5729 Quik Pay Issues

800-445-2866 Product Info

888-514-2866 Internet Help Desk

800-443-2831 Leadership Desk

800-894-5496 Fundraiser Desk

888-340-2866 Beauty Advisor Desk

800-618-3547 Miami Sales Center

New Representative Training

Have a question or need one on one assistance placing your order?? This is an informal call/time (10-15 min) for you to ask questions & learn more about Avon.