Great Education in the 21st Century

Technology attempted by Kath

I am sitting up after 9pm attempting to add smore stuff. Give me strength!
21st century skills
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A summary of 21st Century Learning Skills

A new take on circle time.............21st Century Learning Skills
1. Critical thinking
2. Media Literacy........God I still have a flip phone!!! What is bookface??
3. Communication
4. Collaboration
5. Information Literacy
6. Creativity
Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher

Do you know your students???

I love this clip!

A Pretty Triangle

I am just practising, cutting and pasting.
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God help me!!!

I have Ella helping me cut and paste pictures into the SMORE. I will attempt again tomorrow!!

Great Teaching, Inspired Learning


1. High quality teaching is the greatest influence on learning outcomes.

2. Effective teaching relies on monitoring & feedback; strong subject knowledge and explicit teaching.

3. Quality teaching has a clear criteria, high expectations and some choice of learning pathways.

4. Beginning teachers require quality support.

5. All teachers throughout their careers require professional development.

Melbourne Declaration

Goal 1. Equity and exellence

Goal 2. For all Australians to become:

successful learners; confident and creative individuals and informed active citizens.