Primer Mid-April Newsletter

April 19, 2014

Academic Objectives

Reading: Cause and Effect

Writing: Editing and publishing our Pigeon stories with The Book Creator App

Math: Telling time to the quarter hour, quarter past and half hour (review)

Phonics: Long vowel O

Science: Recycling and Earth Day

Social Studies: Earth Day

Apps that support learning

Math Fair Projects

Our classroom in pictures

Homework for the week of April 21

All of the students have participated and pledged to take part in Ten on Tuesday. For homework students will have to design a flyer and write a commercial persuading others to get involved with Ten on Tuesday. The commercial must include:

  • What is Ten on Tuesday
  • Why people should get involved- use the Ten on Tuesday website to include a fact or two. For example "Litter clean up can cost the US more than 11.5 billion each year."
  • A flyer with a fact or an image supporting Ten on Tuesday.

Students are responsible for writing a 30-45 second commercial. We will discuss their commercials in class and then film them during class as well. This should be an exciting project. Look for a rubric and more detailed directions in your child's homework folder.

Upcoming Events

  • April 21 Easter Holiday- No school
  • April 24 Dallas EEI lesson on recycling
  • April 24 Ice Cream Social for new students and buddy families 6PM
  • April 25 E-waste recycle drive at Lower School
  • April 29 Primer to The Quarry- students need to wear jeans, athletic shoes, outdoor tops, hats and sunglasses. Please apply bug spray and sun screen before coming to school.
  • Friday, May 2 ESD Spirit Dress Day

Teacher of the Day

Mr. Harrison Adams will be our teacher of the day on May 7. Be on the look out for an invitation.