Sports Injuries

By: Tito Dimalanta

Can it affect a athletes life?

Yes I can very much an athletes life, because athletes might have a career in this sport and if you get injured severely it can affect your lifestyle. I am athlete and I have seen bad injuries with my one eyes. Such as: Kevin Ware, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, these are for basketball.

For football: Junior Seau, LeSean McCoy, Nate Allen, and Jordy Nelson

The topic I am writing about stands out to me because I am athlete. I have been injured in my life before and it wasn't a good time for me. I have been injured with my thumb and my ankle. They both affected me getting in my athletic career life, the injury affected my teams play style.

Going back to my injuries like I said I have been injured 2 times like you know. I have seen the worst injury almost ever here it is : . This story stands out to me because his team won the whole tournament for him because he was injured.

What I want my readers to learn from my article is that we can prevent injures from happening in the future. I want my readers to learn that with the technology in the future.