KIS PD Sessions March 25, 2015

We didn't want to dilute these TWO great choices with additional ones, so please choose whichever session speaks to you most! Fill out the form below.

Tech-Know-Fy your Classroom

Amy will share specific ways you can use iPad apps and other technology. Come learn about building avatars, creating trading cards, vocab dice, and more. Ideas can be applied to all subject areas.

High-Engagement Review Strategies

Molly Charles, former KCS teacher, will share and model some PEAK* strategies that engage all students in reviewing content. She will help you think outside your traditional lesson plan/schedule to maximize the time that you do have while getting students to move, talk, think, and learn.

*PEAK Learning Systems has spent over 40 years researching and developing the PEAK (Performance Excellence for All Kids) Teaching for Excellence Model™ (