Synthetic Marijuana

What's the big deal?

Dear families

School principals and teachers around the country have been sharing concerns for their students arising from the alarming rate of increase in teen usage of synthetic marijuana and vaporizer pens (“vape pens”).

Unlike marijuana (which cannot be legally purchased in Florida, and is cultivated from a natural plant), synthetic marijuana can easily be bought in local stores or over the internet, legally, and are designed using both herbs and chemicals. Called by more than seventy (70) street names, including Spice, K2, Moon Rocks and Fire, synthetic marijuana has been found to be significantly more potent than marijuana.

As a consequence of the lack of any governmental restrictions on the age at which vape pens can be purchased, students are unfortunately becoming one of the largest user groups. The rise in usage of vape pens and synthetic marijuana amongst teens, has corresponded to the known inability of parents, teachers and principals to recognize the odors generated by the burning of synthetics in vape pens (some emit no odors whatsoever).

But of the utmost concern, is the fact that it is nearly impossible to know what chemicals are being used in creating the synthetics. Consequently, it appears that students are possibly exposing themselves to unknown, long-term, health hazards from inhaling the fumes created when the synthetics burn in their vape pens. Indeed, the dangers of unregulated synthetics is not limited to teens, as emergency rooms around the country are reporting a rapid rise in patients of all ages, who are overdosing from their usage of synthetics.

In order to ensure the well-being of our students, Conservatory Prep is working with the JCC to ensure that synthetic marijuana is banned from the campus in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

With best regards,

Dr. Wendy H. Weiner