EDU Mobile Apps

5 Mobile Apps for the Classroom


This is a tool that allows users to store any documents in a cloud. Users will be able to access these files from any device with internet and can share these documents with whoever they want. In a classroom, students can use this tool to turn in assignments and to just store files in general. Teachers can also use this tool to store files or share documents/assignments with students. Never will someone accidentally leave an assignment or document at home! Click here to sign up for Dropbox.


This mobile app available in the apple app store does exactly what it name says and helps teachers keep a tab on which students showed up to which class. It has a very easy user interface and is one of the easiest and quickest apps to help any teacher keep attendance.

Quick Graph

This mobile app is great for math classrooms and allows the user to graph any 2D or 3D mathematical expressions they desire. This will provide both the teachers and the students with a new method of visualizing mathematical expressions and will most certainly enhance the learning process for a classroom. Made graphs can also be shared with anyone with a click of a button, which allows teachers and students to be able to share graphs they have made with each other. This is also a great tool for students working on projects to create visually amazing graphs.


The widely popular education-oriented LMS app is now available for all mobile devices. This app allows teachers to work closely with students both in the class room and out of it. It is a great tool to create a blended portion for a classroom. It is completely free and is an amazing PLN for teachers as well. Teachers can share assignments with students, post online quizzes, share group messages to the entire class, and much more. Click here to download the app.


This is an amazing mobile app that allows users to take notes (annotate) on PDF files. Users will be able to make notes, highlight, and book mark any PDF files on their mobile device. A teacher may make half-finished notes in a PDF file, get the class to download the file before the class, and throughout the class, give the complete notes that students can add to their PDF files with this app. This app can be found on the apple app store.