Navida En Venezuela

Anna Olmos

Christmas Trees??🎄

In Venezuela do you think they have trees? They do you won't usually see Christmas trees we have here, but they use Pine and Fir trees. Since, there's not trees in Venezuela

How do they travel to church!⛪

What do you think they do to get to chchurch during Christmas? Well during the 16th to 24th people roller skate to church, but its morning mass. They close the roads for the safe of skaters

What do they eat?

They have multiple traditions they eat, but one thing they have is Pan Con Jamon it's a type of bread that's made with puff pastry filled with jamon (ham) it also has raisins, olives, and bacon it is shaped like a swiss roll

Presents did you say?

Who brings presents to the kids in the U.S.? You got it right Santa Clause! Well in Venezuela instead of Santa St. Nicholas and Nino Jesus (Baby Jesus) take them presents
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