Tutor.com Homework Help

Available 24/7 (except major holidays) for core content

Support for Digital Coursework

As a student enrolled in an online course with Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS) you have access to a service to get a little homework help on demand. This service is called Tutor.com.

In core subject courses such as Math, Science, Social Studies, and English and some Business and World Language (Spanish, French, German) courses there is a link in your course(s) called “Homework Help Tutor.com” By clicking on that course link at any time, except holidays, you can ask for homework help with a specific question.

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What Can You Expect?

  • On-demand, one-to-one tutor to student help for specific questions – NOT an “answer machine”

  • The Tutor.com teacher will not have access to your course, give you answers, or help you with tests or quizzes.

  • The tutors will ask you questions in order to assist you in discovering the answers to your questions and to help you build your skills.

  • 95% of students who use Tutor.com say it helps them improve their grade

  • Your online teacher is still available for questions you might have via email or by dropping in their virtual connect time office hours about course content. When you cannot get a hold of your teacher or have a schedule conflict with their office hours, you can use Tutor.com to get some additional homework help.

  • Your session with Tutor.com will be recorded and your teacher will see questions you need additional help on too in order to continue to support you.