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May 28, 2018 @MMSCougarPride

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Greetings and Updates from Ms. Gronau

MMS Families,

We hope that you enjoyed the long weekend with loved ones. We thank those who served and gave their lives in our armed forces.

This is a busy but exciting time of year. We have field trips, pool parties, our dinner dance, and our Moving Up Ceremony just around the corner. It is also concert season and our Spring Chorus Concert is May 29, 2018. We are currently accepting donations for semi formal dresses, slacks, polos, and dress shirts to ensure that all of our 8th graders look and feel their best at the dinner dance. Please be sure items have been laundered. Drop them off in the MMS Guidance office!

8th grade families: Please return the 8th grade conduct letter to your child's first period teacher on May 29, 2018. It is attached below and was sent home last week via school messenger and hard copy. This week we will send out info about the 8th grade dinner dance and Moving Up Ceremony.

We hope you can make it out to these events and that you can pitch in to volunteer and chaperone. These events build our community and help us to connect with one another outside the classroom. We love to see you there!

Pictured above is one of our fabulous team leaders and Special Education teachers Ms. Serpico. We are rocking some of the newest MMS spirit wear! Go get some for your family! It supports our MMS HSA and supports our many enrichment projects for MMS students!


Ms. Gronau

MMS Principal

The 5 Keys to Middle School Child Resilience and Success

The 5 Keys to Middle School Child Resilience and Success

The MMS faculty and staff ask that you support our work with your child in the following ways:

1) Encourage a Growth Mindset-Having a growth mindset fosters resilience. Use the language of yet. I don’t understand this “yet.” Emphasize the importance of hard work as opposed to innate intelligence. “I did well because of my effort. I’ll do better next time.”

2) Encourage 1-2 Good Peer Relationships-Friends should be a source of support. Often our middle schoolers try to maintain large groups of close friends and that is challenging for anyone of any age! Encourage your child to have 1-2 solid and supportive peer friendships and keep it light and simple with the larger groups.

3) Ensure 9-11 Hours of Sleep Please! Sleep is the best way to foster resilience. Research shows that kiddos this age need 9-11 hours to be at their best. When your child is well-rested, everything is better. Technology is the #1 enemy of sleep! As a school community, we recommend that you keep technology out of your child’s bedroom at night to encourage healthy and consistent sleep.

4) Encourage Coping Strategies-Coping is personal. Everyone does it differently. Encourage your child to think about healthy ways to relax and give them permission to do it!

5) Facilitate Time/Connection with a non-familial adult-Good connections with non-familial adults are very important for your child. They hear things differently from non-familial adults. Encourage your child to participate in a club or activity. Children need our perspective. They are always changing and growing. As adults we can attach a growth mindset to their personality development and their peer interactions.

Maplewood Middle School Remind App Code @k92d29

The MMS Principal has added a school-wide "Remind App" as another way to communicate with families. Many of your child's teachers will share Remind class codes for you and your child to stay up to date about class events and assignments. As needed, the MMS Principal will periodically use the Remind App to share important info with our school community. Our Maplewood Middle School school-wide code Remind code is listed above (@k92d29). The link below explains how to begin getting notifications. It's a simple way to stay in touch. Join us!