~ Carrie's Hostess Coaching Tips ~

Dear 1st Impressions Team,


  • If you haven't figured out what you'll spend your well-deserved cash on yet, now's the time to do it!
  • If you're going for a goal of sales or a promotion, now's the time to pull in those reigns and go FULL STEAM AHEAD UNTIL THE END!

Below are tips on how I increase my trunk show sales with shows all year long. There are a lot of steps but the efforts pay of big time. I'm giving you templates to make it easier so you don't have to recreate the wheel.

You've got this! I believe in you and KNOW you can gain great momentum with these steps.




Take a listen to this recent Team Hostess Coaching Call I did...


  1. After booking the show, enter it into the lounge immediately.
  2. Send a personal email to the hostess detailing what I just told her in the conversation we had when we set the date (see template below)
  3. Send confirmation email through the lounge so she can set up her own account to get her wishlist going.
  4. Mail or deliver to her a Hostess packet including: 1-2 big lookbooks, 6+ mini/holiday lookbooks with trunk show specific label and a sticky note suggesting she keep these in her bag in case she runs into people who weren't on the original invite list, a few order forms with a sticky note encouraging her to get outside orders--of course people can order online but this is a physical reminder to her to get outside order, opportunity brochure with a sticky suggesting I think she'd be great this herself and we can talk at her show, hostess brochure explaining her rewards.
  5. Once or twice leading up to the show, I send her an email with some fun updates (either a jpg from the lounge, a clip from youtube with our latest collection, etc)
  6. Mondays of the week of the show I send her an email (see template below) and leave her a voice mail telling her how excited I am. If she gets back to me indicating that she's worried not enough people are coming, I can assure her there's plenty of time to invite and get more people (see template below).
  7. Day before the show I send an email to the invitee list (from my personal email), see template below.
  8. Day before the show I text the hostess an image of her trunk show invite with wording that she can forward to friends via text reminding those who haven't replied.


Hostess Guide to Invites:

Dear ,

I'm really looking forward to your trunk show! We're going to have a fantastic time and we'll get you loads of FREE accessories plus you can shop at half off. So, start planning your wishlist!

Now let's start thinking of the invite list. I've attached a document to help you brainstorm. Think of inviting a lot of different groups of people. They don't need to know each other since this is simply a fun boutique in your home for a few hours. Usually about 1/3 of those we invite can actually make it so feel free to cast the net wide. The more people you invite, the more who come and the more fun rewards we get for you! Just send me a big list of email addresses to start with.

For fun, here's a link to your show:

I'll pop a packet in the mail to you so you can start showing your friends our lookbook.

Your friends and family can even start ordering now through this link if for some reason they can't make it to the trunk show. The link is also great to send out to people across the country so they can shop virtually. By shopping through your show, they'll get a flat discounted ship rate of $5.95 and you'll get more credits! This is a perfect way to get their hands on some gorgeous fall trends and check off their gift lists for the season.

For your local crew, I will also print up paper invites so if you want to email me the names and addresses, I'll mail them off for you. We're finding that electronic AND paper invites really help increase the attendance.

All I need is a kitchen table, maybe an island and some counter space. Don't feel obligated to do too much in terms of refreshments as people don't usually eat that much. Maybe a couple of bottles of wine, a platter of cheese & crackers and some store-bought cookies and you're good to go if you want to serve anything. If you do, I like to keep the refreshments in the same room as the jewelry and bags so everyone can mingle together and enjoy the collection at the same time.

Looking forward to it all! I'll touch base soon but feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.


Paper Invite Template I Print on S&D Note Cards (found in Biz Supplies)

Big image

EMAIL WEEK OF SHOW TO HOSTESS: (in addition to calling her and telling her how much I'm looking forward to the pop up)

Hi !

I hope you had a nice weekend. I'm really looking forward to our fun trunk show this week! We're going to have a great time.

I'll plan to arrive about 45 mins. early to set up. You won't need to help me but if you have a clear kitchen table and some counter space that would be great. If you plan on serving any refreshments I'd love to keep them in the same room as the jewelry or if we're in multiple rooms, spreading the food/drinks among the display. That helps people meander throughout with the irresistible pieces right there for them to play with.

It looks like we're going to have a fun crowd! Have you accessed our Hostess Lounge? If you'd like help, just lmk. I've pasted the rsvp's below as of now. For those who haven't responded yet, it would be great if you could take 10 mins. or so to leave them a voicemail message. Sometimes people haven't seen the invite or they've forgotten to rsvp (we're all just so busy!), so a quick call from you would be a big help. You could say something like:

"Hi xxx, I just wanted to make sure you got the invite to a fun open house I'm holding on XXX. I thought this would be a nice way to catch up with people and enjoy some fun winter & holiday style. You're welcome to stay the whole time or even pop in quickly if that's better and please feel free to bring anyone. The more the merrier!"

Time to start picking out your wishlist! I'm excited to help you earn loads of freebies!

Feel free to call me if you have any questions. I'm looking forward to this week!




Hi Ladies!

Don't forget to stop by tonight (or whenever the show is) from 7-9 pm to sip, snack and get fall fabulous! (Hostess name has) your wine chilling and I'm bringing you the latest and greatest from Stella & Dot - including our Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique/Holiday Boutique (whatever is current)!

It's been a long week and you deserve a night out, a glass of wine and some girlfriend time!!

Start your wish list, let us know if you can make it if you haven't already, and take a sneak peek online:

(trunk show link)

Did something come up and you can't make it tonight? Shop online (trunk show link) or give me a call at (your tel #)

As a trunk show guest or online shopper, you'll be able to shop these great styles at 50% off when you spend $50+, so pick up one (or all 6) of these Trunk Show Exclusive Offers for yourself - you totally deserve it! Christmas is less than 70 days away - these make great gifts!! (insert TSEO image)

See you tonight/tomorrow (whenever the show is)!



Text the Hostess her Invite so she can save and text reminders to her friends:

Big image


  1. When the show is over I explain how close the hostess is to reaching our top bracket of STYLE REWARDS and that I'd love for her to get there.
  2. I leave her some lookbooks and order forms to encourage outside orders.
  3. I tell her I'll email her guest list a thank you and reminder that all can still shop even if they weren't able to make it at the last min.
  4. I may also add in an ONLINE FACEBOOK SHOW element either before the show to get people excited, and/or after the show to keep the moment of sales going.
  5. I send the hostess a written thank you note.

Thank you Note to the Hostess After Show:

Hi ,

I had such a fun time at your trunk show. Thank you so much for having me. Your home is so welcoming and you've got a great group of friends. As of now you have the following in rewards:

The retail total of sales so far is $ . If we just get $ more in orders, you'll reach $1000 and will therefore get the top bracket of free jewelry credits at 25% of the retail total which would reach $250+ in free credits and would get you 4 pieces at 1/2 off if you'd like them.

I will send out a quick note out to those you invited thanking people for coming and letting them know that if they missed it or want to order anything else, the Stella & Dot Trunk Show is open for another three weeks. They could shop through your link to receive the flat discount ship rate and you'd get more credits!

Here is the direct link to your show:

You can also forward the link to any other friends/family across the country as they have 3 weeks from the day of the show to order so it counts towards your show. Do you think any friends might like to get some gifts, or have their eye on a pair of earrings? They may need some gifts or might like to treat themselves to a fun pop of color for their seasonal style.

Whenever you're ready, I can help you place your order (you'd just need to give me your credit card number, exp. date, and name on the card for tax, shipping and any 1/2 off pieces), or you can log into your account and place the order yourself.

That was a fun night. Thank you again so very much for inviting us all over!



Dear Guests of ,

Thank you so much for swinging by to enjoy our stylish evening! It was so nice to meet new faces and reacquaint with others :) We know how busy life is so for those who weren't able to make it yesterday or had to rush out quickly, we certainly understand.

For those of you who were unable to attend, Stella & Dot has just launched its New Line and it's gorgeous. The jewelry, bags, wallets, scarves, poufs, etc. make phenomenal gifts and come beautifully packaged so there's not wrapping necessary! If you're in the market for a treat for yourself or would like to check off some holiday, hostess or birthday gifts lists, this show will remain open for 3 weeks.

To shop directly and receive a flat discounted ship rate, please visit this link:

If you have any questions or want some help in the styling or gift department, you can contact me directly at 781-413-6517 or clmcgraw@gmail.com. I'll be happy to help you out and make your life easier.

Please feel free to pass on the above link to anyone else you think may be interested in our line. By shopping through that link, customers get a flat discounted ship rate of $5.95.

[INSERT PICTURE I TOOK OF THE TRUNK SHOW--Guests & Hostess around Table]

Thanks again to all who joined us. Enjoy your gorgeous goodies!

Have a wonderful day,



You can easily email a customer service follow up to all who ordered from DOTTIE. So easy and will help build their love for YOU!


If you're looking to fulfill a goal and really want even more sales, have you scheduled your own DOUBLE DIP SHOW in the next 10 days?

2x per calendar year you can earn the commissions AND Hostess Rewards by hosting your own show. If you're in your Jumpstart, you can actually get even more free product credit with the Jumpstart rewards!

Example Words to Say for a Tote Show:

Hey Laura!! I have a great idea for you!! I know you mentioned it being too busy a time to host at your home, but what if you took a small tote of jewelry with you to work next week!? People shop everyday so I'm sure your friends would love this option. You can show all the jewelry and look books to ladies during lunch and collect their orders.

Or if you have a few hours, we could do a tote show at your home where I could come to you later this week and we could do a fun "Java & Jewels" for a quick pop up around your kitchen table hat morning. Why hit the crowded stores when we can invite everyone to your house?! So fun and easy to plan!

Then YOU as the hostess gets to enjoy FREE rewards!

What do you think? It's so easy to plan and can be so successful. I've done it many times and ladies love it. Fun for all and little effort! Men at your office, family and friends I'm sure are shopping too at this time of year so what do you say?? I'll call you tomorrow so we can chat more about it!

xo Carrie

Example for Thanksgiving time (I'm sure you can find an updated version on Pinterest:

Big image

This is it my friends! The world awaits your styling & gift-giving expertise!

Have a great day!

Carrie McGraw
Star Director & Founding Leader