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Week of May 3

Newsletter Highlights

This week's newsletter contains the following:

  • Trophy Day for WE and SB!
  • Solo Contest Info
  • School Owned Instrument Cleaning Requirements
  • End of Year Final/Band Audition for 2021-2022
  • Spring Concert- May 17
  • Band Camp Information
  • Booster Board Members for 2021-2022 Needed

Trophy Day for WInd Ensemble and Symphonic Band

Thursday we celebrated their UIL achievements by signing the UIL trophies for Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band as well as revealing the class designed #covidswag and #covidedition sweepstakes trophies. Congratulations again on a successful UIL performance.

Advanced Bands Solo Contest Information

Students will perform their solo the evening of May 3 from 5-7pm via zoom. Percussion students are performing their solos asynchronously and have worked with Mr. Mulligan to complete.

Students will be expected to dress up for their performance or wear their band t shirt. Students were given their performance time in class, and are scheduled for a 7 minute performance and are asked to login to the zoom meeting 10 minutes prior to their performance. This will help the contest to run on time and potentially early!

Students will receive one of 4 ratings, and will count as a major test grade:

1st Division(100)- Superior Performance

2nd Division(85)- Excellent Performance

3rd Division(70)-Good Performance

4th Division(50)-Fair Performance

All students receiving a 1st Division will earn a medal that will be worn at the Spring Concert!

Select 1st Division performances will be selected as an "Outstanding Soloist" and will be recognized at the Spring Concert with an additional medal of distinction

Virtual Solo Contest Info Sheet

Advanced Band Students Only

School Owned Instrument Returns-Cleaning Expectations

Earlier this week Mrs. Brinkman sent an email to all school owned instruments families. We are needing students to have their instruments returned to us by Friday May, 7th. Prior to returning their instruments students must clean their instruments and complete the Instrument Cleaning Form that requires both their signature but also a parent confirmation. The buttons below include resources to help students know HOW to clean their instrument as well as the document needed to return with the instruments.



My student is continuing in band do I still need to clean and return?

Yes. Once inspected we will check back out to students so that they have an instrument over the summer

Is my student still expected to practice once turned in?

We will suspend practice log expectations for those with school instruments while we go through this process.

My students is going to Emerson High School next year, what do we do?

You will still turn in your instrument, but we will check it back out so that your child has an instrument until the new inventory for EHS is ready to be checked out.

Instrument Cleaning Completion Form

Required for ALL School Owned Instruments

Beginning Band Solo Contest Information

Beginning Band-Students will perform their solo during class on their block day. Performances will be for a director who is not their primary instructor. Students will receive one of 3 ratings, and will count as a major test grade:

1st Division(100)- Superior Performance

2nd Division(85)- Good Performance

3rd Division(70)-Fair Performance

All students receiving a 1st Division will earn a medal that will be worn at the Spring Concert!

Select 1st Division performances will be selected as an "Outstanding Soloist" and will be recognized at the Spring Concert with an additional medal of distinction!

End of Year Final/Audition for 2021/2022 Band-Wind Players

6-8 grade students will be completing their end of year final vial SmartMusic. The final is made up of 6 major test grades as follows:

Concert F Major Scale and Arpeggio

Concert Bb Major Scale and Arpeggio

Concert Eb Major Scale and Arpeggio

Concert Ab Major Scale and Arpeggio

Chromatic Scale

Sight Reading

Students have until May 14th to complete, and may submit their best take for all scales. Sight Reading is one chance.

Percussion-More info to come as items are being finalized.

Big picture


Mark your calendars for this special event!

What: Spring Concert

Where: Scoggins Football Field

Date: Monday, May 17th

Time: Beginners- Warm Up @ 5pm, Concert Begins at 5:30; Advanced Bands-Warm Up @ 6:15, Concert Begins at 6:30pm

Virtual Academy Students are encouraged, but not required to participate.

Masks will be required, and social distancing will be expected throughout the performance. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs for an end of year celebration.

Spring Concert RSVP

Families will need to RSVP for this event and each performer will be allowed to have 2 family members in attendance.

Summer Band Camps!!

We have done our best to compile a list of band camps that are happening this summer! Please note that due to the pandemic these things are very much in flux. However, we hope that our students are able to attend one in person or virtual if you summer plans allow it!
Band Camps

General Band Camps

Instrument Specific Camps

Summer Camps just for your instrument!

Band Booster Board Members Needed

We are in need of 2 individuals to join our Band Booster Board next year. Being on the Band Booster Board allows you to become a part of your child's successful band experience & support the band. Please take a moment to read about the openings for next year.

Fundraising Chair-The Fundraising Chair works closely with the band directors to support fundraising efforts throughout the school year. In the summer and fall, the chair collaborates with firms to create spirit wear for the upcoming school year. As the year begins, Spirit Nights are coordinated with Community Partners (mostly through email with a solid contact list). This past January, the Fundraising Chair, with the help of other board members, secured prizes for the Band Fundraiser.

President-The duties of the President are to preside over monthly booster club meetings, appoint persons to committees and positions, assist the directors as needed, assist the treasurer with financial matters and assist other board members if needed.

Our meetings this year have transitioned to Zoom, and will continue to be so in the future to allow for flexibility in everyone's schedule. In person meetings would only occur if absolutely necessary. Meetings typically last between 30-45 minutes.

Elections will happen at our next meeting on May, 11 at 5:30pm via Zoom. If you would like more information about any position please contact me and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I look forward to visiting with you about this opportunity!


Adam Davis

Director of Bands

Scoggins Middle School

Practice Expectations

Beginners- 15 minutes a day 5 days a week

Advanced Bands- 20 minutes a day 5 days a week

Beginning this 9 weeks the only time that can be counted towards the practice log is physical time on the instrument. We will no longer accept time for Music Racer, Staff Wars are any other music literacy computer program.

Practice Log Entry Form

Click the button to be directed to the Practice Log entry form.

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