Pamlico Sound

By: Ale' Bissette


Pamlico Sound is a shallow body of water along the Eastern shore of North Carolina. It is the largest sound and is separated from the Atlantic ocean by narrow barrier islands called the outer banks.


Pamlico sound provides many things such as important networks of shipping lanes, recreational hot spots, and ecosystems.

Flora and Fauna

There are multiple species of animals and plants living in the Pamlico Sound. Some animals consist of shellfish, fish, geese, blue crab, swans, and etc. Some plants that are habitant to the Pamlico Sound consist of grass, algae, microscopic plants, and etc.


The Pamlico sound is fed be the Neuse River, Pamlico River, and the Tar rivers. These rivers deposit sediments rich in nutrients. These rich nutrients settle in the sand and mud of the rivers.


The estuaries are harmed by the changes to the lands bordering or surrounding the estuaries. The changes can contaminate the rivers and oceans. 30,000 square miles of land drains into the Albemarle-Pamlico sound.
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