Columbian Exchange

By: Jaxon Hernandez

The Columbian Exchange was both a Good, and a Bad thing!!!

The Columbian Exchange, I think was a good thing! There were also some bad effects though. Things that were exchanged or traded were food, plants, diseases, ideas, livestock and culture! A very bad effect because of the Columbian Exchange was that diseases were spread to the Americas! But a very good effect was that the Potato that came from the Americas fed lots of people in Ireland! A bad thing that came with that was a fungus that killed all the potato farms and many Irish people starved and came to the Americas by ship. Because some diseases were spread population in the Americas had a great decrease. Even though there were a LOT of bad things happened because of the Columbian Exchange still a great number of good things happened! Because of the Columbian Exchange we had European exploration of the world, and the discoveries of the Americas! I think you should vote FOR the Columbian Exchange because even though some terrible things happened, we made a lot of great discoveries, and traded lots of resources
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