Global Issues in Context

new database subscription available for DHS

User: decaturcity

Password: see your password document in your Student Resources Folder in Google Drive (shared with you)

We now subscribe to Global Issues in Context, which provides news, perspectives, reference materials, primary source documents, audio, video, statistics, and more. Through these tools, you are empowered to critically analyze and understand the most important issues of the modern world.

• Updated daily with more than 570 geographically diverse, full-text newspapers, magazines, and journals for a truly global view

• 250 Country topic pages and more than 400 Issue topic pages in the following categories:

– Business and Economics

– Conflict and Diplomacy

– Environment and Climate Change

– Government, Politics, and Law

– Health and Medicine

– Science and Technology

– Society and Culture

– Women, Children, and the Family

Global Issues in Context is available to use in conjunction with Google Classroom and you can download and save all information into your Google Drive.

The tutorial below will work from home. (YouTube is blocked at school)

Setting Up Search Alerts in Global Issues in Context

All passwords to reference materials are in your Google Drive

You received an email earlier in the year with a shared folder called "Student Resources". This folder has the complete list of reference materials and passwords. Add it to your Google Drive or look for it under "Shared With Me". It will be updated with these new resources.

Also- stop by the circulation desk in the library to pick up a password card for your wallet.

Questions? email the DHS library at