Mrs. Tuttle's CAP Class ~ Shields Elementary

October 13, 2016

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Mission Statement

We, the Wizards of the CAP House, will participate in advanced level learning, have a growth mindset, and work towards BIG dreams, by following our school rules, and having fun!


  • Be prepared
  • Be respectful
  • Be Kind
  • Persevere

What's Happening??

  • 10/13 Evening Conferences

  • 10/14 No School

  • 10/21 PTO Fall Fundraiser

  • 10/25 PTO Meeting

Student Led Conferences are TONIGHT!

Just a reminder student-led conferences are tonight! Student-led conferences are when the student leads the conferences and Mrs. Tuttle walks around. You kind of go at your child's pace.



Hi everybody,

It has been a busy week with lots of visitors walking through our classroom to see what is happening in CAP. We had visitors from district office come through with clipboards and the students were convinced they were middle school scouts coming to check them out. I had to chuckle at that!

It's been a busy week! You can check out what our journalists have to say about all we have been doing in the blurbs below. We've also been prepping and practicing for our student-led conferences tonight. The students are excited (and nervous) to share what they have been up to in CAP with you tonight. There are still a couple openings so if you haven't signed up, feel free to follow the link below under "volunteers" and come on in!

Students will have progress reports to share with you at their conference. These are for you to keep. Please note there will be many more grades recorded before the end of the marking period. The two or three (or in the case of writing, one) grades will be updated frequently with new assignments now that we are rolling along in our curriculum.

I hope you have had a great week and enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs. Melissa Tuttle


I am using Signup (used to be Volunteer Spot) to organize classroom volunteers this year. A couple new volunteer opportunities have been added to help make some copies and laminate. Please check out our site and volunteer if you can. Thank you!

Global Read Aloud

This week we have been reading Pax. Pax is a fox that is in the woods waiting for his boy, Peter, to come back after he left him. It is a sad story. His boy Peter is trying to find him, though. Peter, Pax's boy, ran away from his grandfather's house and is looking for Pax. We have read up to chapter nine so far. We have tweeted about Pax with other classes who are reading the book just like us, on a #PaxSlowChat.

If you have not gotten your child a copy of Pax it would be greatly appreciated if you do so very soon. When we all have a copy we can start using sticky notes to annotate the text. Thank you!



We have been talking a lot about time in our reading unit. Measuring time, using time, and what kind of time there is. Time posters is one of the things we have been working on. We put 25 things on one poster and then grouped them into categories on another. We are enjoying reading.

-Ava S

This week we kicked off our Mind Your Time unit by having a circle time to discuss what we knew about time. I was blown away by the students! There were many references to how important it is to use time wisely, how it's valuable so we shouldn't waste it, we need to make every moment count, time goes on no matter what, that sometimes it seems slow and other times fast, but it is always moving at the same pace...the conversation gave me goosebumps. I just love conversing with the class. The students then worked in groups to brainstorm time ideas and then categorize their ideas. Each group presented their categories and examples and then we agreed on some "time" generalizations. You can see the generalizations in the picture.

-Mrs. Tuttle


This week in writing we are working with Mrs. Tuttle and doing Conferences. Conferences is where we talk with Mrs. Tuttle, one on one, to discuss our writing pieces that we want her to grade. We talk about what we are good at which is a "Glow" and something we need to work on or get better at is "Grow". This week we wrote narrative pieces for her to grade. I think everyone has done a very good job with their pieces! We all have something that we are good at and things that we can work on! There is always room for growing!



This week in math we are learning about place value and periods. In our math vocabulary section, we defined what a period is, what expanded notation is and what place value is.

We wrote in our math journals about what the importance of place value and why it's important.
There are three houses for periods that we are talking about. The millions house (hundred millions, ten millions and one millions). There is the thousands house (hundred thousands, ten thousands and one thousands). Finally, there is the units house (hundreds, tens and ones).

In our,"How big is big book" student math journal, we are doing activities that include expanded form, word form, standard form, etc.

We are playing a game called Make It, Say It and it's about making and saying the number you make using a clue card that tells you what number to do right and make it! Whoa that's a mouthful! There's always a lot to do when it comes to math.


All Pictures are provided by Media Muggles and Picture Professors

Thank you..

Kai, Krish, Nevie, Jake, Arpi, and Issac

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