Pop Art-Modern Day

"I'm not interested in pop art." -Billy Corgan

Dates/periods of pop art-modern day art

Pop art occurred during the middle of the late 1950s in Britain. This time period also ended in the 1970s.

Key people, locations, and structures of pop art

Key people consist of Roy Lichenstein, Andy Warhol, and Robert Indiana. The locations of pop art were found in New York , Britain, and California. Some key structures consist of "Red Barn" created by Roy Lichtenstein, which was made during the year 1969, or President Election, made by artist James Rosenquist, made during 1960-61, and portrays president Kennedy amidst an amalgamation of consumer items.

Main idea of pop art

-The main idea of pop art is satirized popular culture by borrowing themes from comics, advertisements, and ordinary life.

-Consisted of medias such as paint coming straight from the can or tube

-invented a rejection of abstract expressionism, which was labeled pretentious or over-intense.

Examples of artworks during the pop art time period

Facts about pop art

-The spaced race between Britain and Soviet Union began during this time frame (1957), and one of the most famous pop artists (Andy Warhol) originated from Britain as well. Also, Britain artists consist of famous artists such as Richard Hamilton, Peter Blake, and John McHale

-The Venice Surfestival, which took place in California, began during the 1960s, also had famous artists such as John Wesley, Jess Collins, and Billy Al Bengston who all originated from California

-New York consisted of famous artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, and Robert Indiana, and New York, and the presidents during the time of this movement were Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter

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