Andrew Jackson

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He demolished a government organization, because he didn't like it.

Andrew Jackson decided that the 2nd National Bank was only serving the rich, only it kind of was giving business loans and managing the nation's currency. This helped the economy of the nation become stable so they could actually be called a real country when all other superpowers, like Spain and France and Britain, laughed and mocked them.
Andrew Jackson bringing down the second national bank

Jackson picked up the Native Americans and moved them like furniture across the room.

Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act, which COMPLETELY ignored Supreme Court and Georgia court rulings and made the Native Americans go on what's called the "Trail of Tears". This made all of the Native Americans leave their previously established nations and just have to leave, DESPITE being an entire nation. Georgians started to move ONTO the Cherokees land, which had been marked when they founded their nation. This led to the case Worchester v. Georgia, which declared that the Native Americans owned that land.
Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
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This political cartoon shows how Jackson overused his power to veto a lot of things during his presidency. A document under his foot reads "US Constitution", which symbolizes that he steps over the Constitution to get his way with the law.

Jackson was barley able qualified to be in a government position as significant.

Most of Jackson's government experience was at the Battle of New Orleans, which was COMPLETELY unnecessary considering the war had ended already. He had no previous government job, so he was pretty undeserving of having the job.
Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson